Author: Brittany Hailer

Brittany Hailer is a freelance reporter and educator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated with a Master's in Fine Arts from Chatham University. She taught creative writing classes at the Allegheny County Jail and Sojourner House as part of Chatham's Words Without Walls program. She has won several awards for her creative work. In 2017, for PublicSource, she wrote a ten-part series called Voices Unlocked exploring how the U.S. penal system has shaped identity and life of many Pittsburgh residents. That series also aired on local NPR news station 90.5 WESA. For PublicSource, she has also covered stories on drug addiction, race, development, and motherhood.

Animal You'll Surely Become: Extended Edition
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Animal You'll Surely Become: Extended Edition

Tolsun Books

Literary Nonfiction. Poetry. Memoir. A daughter's book, a book that exposes the unwitting hurt parents can inflict on their children, it makes sense that many pieces here are inspired by fairy tales. Imagine Red Riding Hood, a woman in her late twen...

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