Author: Lu Xun

China's leading literary modernist, Lu Xun (b. 1881 Zhou Shuren in Shaoxing, d. 1936 in Shanghai) pioneered writing in vernacular Chinese at a time when classical Chinese was still China's dominant literary language. Best known outside of China for the biting satire of his short fiction—in particular "The True Story of Ah-Q" and "Diary of a Madman" from his landmark 1923 collection A Call to Arms (1922)—he was also a prolific essayist, translator, and critic. Weeds (1927) collects Lu Xun's prose poetry and features some of his most radically experimental writing. Lu Xun was also an activist, playing a key role in China's New Culture Movement and the League of Left-Wing Writers and supporting the careers of many young writers, though he retained a critical distance from the time's party politics.

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Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. Translated by Matt Turner. Introduction by Nick Admussen. Edited by David Perry. In this new translation of a modernist master's most challenging and experimental writing—the first in nearly half a century—Mat...

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