Author: Tom Marioni, Editor

In a brochure for a 2005 exhibition titled Sounds Like Drawing at the Drawing Room in London, the curator Anthony Huberman describes Tom Marioni as "a seminal figure of the American conceptual art movement. He pioneered the use of social situations as art and explored performance as sculptural actions using sound, drawing, photography, and installation." Marioni was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, attended the Cincinnati Art Academy, and in 1959 moved to San Francisco where he still lives. His first sound work, One Second Sculpture (1969) was celebrated in the 2005 Lyon Biennial as presaging the work of many artists today who use sound and duration as subjects. His first museum show was in 1970 at the Oakland Museum of California. Titled The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art, it was an early example of social activity as art. Over the years, Marioni has been invited to repeat the work in various contexts around the world.

Vision #6: Art and Food
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Vision #6: Art and Food

Crown Point Press

Literary Nonfiction. Art. California Interest. In 1975, the art journal Vision was conceived of and edited by Bay Area Conceptual artist Tom Marioni and published by Crown Point Press. The first volume, Vision #1: California was followed by four mor...

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