Author: Jack Micheline and Tate Swindell (Editor)

Jack Micheline is the author of the poetry book ON VALENCIA STREET (Lithic Press, 2019). Micheline has never been published by the bigger presses, and according to himself he never will. He thinks he's living in "Siberia in the United States"—the loveless hell of people trying to get by in this greedy world. You'll never see this guy in a shoe commercial—that's for sure! Jack Micheline was born in the Bronx as Harvey Martin Silver. The reason for the name change was his father, a postman in whom Micheline saw the money-grabbing that could be found everywhere in the ghetto. He never liked the cruelty and injustice in his own streets. So, like many before him, he went on the road. He died in 1998.

On Valencia Street

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On Valencia Street

Lithic Press

Poetry. Art. Edited by Tate Swindell. This new collection features poems, ephemera, and art work from Beat Poet legend Jack Micheline. It is the largest compilation of unpublished material since Micheline's death in 1998, and includes poems, post ca...

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