Author: David Wayne Dunn

David Wayne Dunn, is a veritable engine of creation, a prolific poet, painter, and multi-media artist whose work reflects the immensity of his vision...His profound abstractions drawings and paintings as well as poems and prose reveal David to be an extremely brave and diversified talent, a master of how the brain-mind works, and capable of observing and comprehending life from an unconditioned viewpoint...By nature he is of the people, a vital vein of their pulse, and this direct blood connection infuses both his writing and visual art with a sapience that brims over with passion and fertility...Yes, he is a most extraordinary flame of creation, a pioneer who takes his art to the furthest edges of possibility, and a sublime inspiration to all those who crave original, passionate, and bold expression. David's first book, Kissing Darkness: Love Poems and Art, co- authored with Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, was published in 2003 by RiverWood Books.

Phantoms of Desire: Poems and Art
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Phantoms of Desire: Poems and Art

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Poetry. Art. California Interest. Introduction by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld. PHANTOMS OF DESIRE is a new collection of poems and art by David Wayne Dunn, a California-based multi-media artist & poet. The introduction by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld provides a ...

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