Author: Bruno K. Oijer

Bruno K. Öijer has been one of the most popular and influential Swedish poets for decades, much like Tomas Tranströmer. As a member of the rebellious poetry group Vesuvius, Öijer published his first book, Song for Anarchism, in 1973. His now-classic TRILOGY includes Medan Giftet Verkar (While the Poison Acts, 1990), Det Förlorade Ordet (The Lost Word, 1995), and Dimman av Allt (The Fog of Everything, 2001). He continues to publish books, as well as offer sold-out readings around Sweden.

The Trilogy
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The Trilogy

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Poetry. Music. Translated by Victoria Häggblom and Bruno K. Öijer. Bruno K. Öijer, bestselling author and fierce social critic, has reached an iconic status in Sweden. He broke through as a rebellious young poet in the early 1970s with a brash style...

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