Author: Agostino Conto

Agostino Contò was born in Treviso in 1953. He has lived for many years in Verona, where he works as a librarian, specializing in the history of rare books. In his creative writing he uses various linguistic codes and genres with particular attention for the material aspects of the poetic word. Contò's poetry has been published in the following reviews, anthologies, and volumes: Trilogie con dedica (Forlì, 1974); Per S. (Treviso, 1974); Oh, Ah (Torino, 1975); Ella (Gallarate, 1978); Il fatto di un gatto (Parigi 1980); Poesie ritrovate (Treviso 1981); Ohlalie, 1978-1982 (Treviso, 1984); melalia (Udine,1986); Pin Pin (Udine, 2007); Arnaud e gli altri (Roma, 2010); Ariette per voce (Roma, 2010); Musici, guitti (Verona, 2013); Vacanze (Udine, 2019); and Don'ana e altre poesie sonore (Verona, 2019). His fictional work includes Ofelia e le mosche (Treviso, 1978); Strana storia di ubriacatura per Iside mère (Carte segrete 38, 1977); Informe e manoscritto (Treviso, 1980); Titolo da sistemare per Mirella in C'era una volta. Favole scritte da favole dipinte (Bitonto, 1988); and Storie dei Pra' Longhi (Verona, 2016).

The Merchant of Masks

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The Merchant of Masks

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Poetry. Italian Studies. This is the latest collection of poetry by Agostino Contò, translated from the Italian by Gregory Conti.

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