Author: Ariana Brown

Ariana Brown is a queer Black Mexican American poet from the South-side of San Antonio. She holds a BA in African Diaspora Studies and Mexican American Studies as well as an MFA in Poetry. Ariana is the recipient of two Academy of American Poets Prizes and a 2014 national collegiate poetry slam champion. An alum of Brave New Voices, Ariana's work has been featured in PBS, Huffington Post, For Harriet, and Remezcla. Dubbed a "part- time curandera," Ariana has performed at venues across the U.S. including the San Antonio Guadalupe Theater, Harvard University, Michigan State University, Tucson Poetry Festival, and the San Francisco Opera Theatre. When she is not onstage, she is probably eating an avocado, listening to Ozuna, or validating Black girl rage in all its miraculous forms.

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