Author: Francesca Dono

Francesca Dono was born in Reggio Calabria. After graduating with a major in the Social Sciences, she moved to Milan, where she lives and works. She wrote her first poem at the age of six and took up painting and photography at the age of 16. Both her art and poetry range from traditional to avant-garde. Her work has been published over the years in many of the magazines, anthologies and website of the Italian literary scene. These include Giorgio Linguaglossa's L'Ombra delle Parole Rivista (The Shadow of Words Review), Angelo Gaccione's Odissea (The Odyssey), Antonella Taravella's Word Social Forum and the 2017 Macabore Editore Primo almanacco di poesia al femminile (First Almanac of Women's Poetry). Her poetry has won numerous awards, such as the Bruno Mancini, the Terra di Virgilio and La Stampa. Her art work has appeared in numerous catalogs, such as L'Elite for the years 2013 and 2014, Arte di Assisi (The Art of Assisi) and Artelis di Reggio Calabria (The Artelis of Reggio Calabria), both in 2015.

Six Degrees From the North Pole
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Six Degrees From the North Pole

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Poetry. Bilingual Italian-English, translated by Lilly Sutherland. The first appearance in English of the mercurial Francesca Dono, SIX DEGREES FROM THE NORTH POLE. These are sharp and slippery poems that catch the fragments of mind, matter and move...

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