Author: Eugenio Colorni, Altiero Spinelli, and Luca Meldolesi (Editor)

Eugenio Colorni (1909-1944), socialist philosopher and political activist, was also interested in literary criticism, natural sciences and psychology. Following the racial laws of 1937, he was incarcerated and then confined in the Ventotene island where, together with Altiero Spinelli, Ernesto Rossi, and Ursula Hirschmann promoted the European Federalist Movement. Leader in the Resistance in Rome, he was murdered by the infamous fascist and Nazi Koch gang a few days prior to the liberation of Rome. His works include DIALOGUES (Bordighera Press, 2020) with Altiero Spinelli, THE FINAL YEAR (Bordighera Press, 2021), THE DISCOVERY OF THE POSSIBLE (Bordighera Press, 2019), and CRITICAL THINKING IN ACTION (Bordighera Press, 2019).

Altiero Spinelli (1907-1986) was an intellectual and politician. After ten years' incarceration he was confined in Ventotene, where together with Eugenio Colorni, Ernesto Rossi, and Ursula Hirschmann he promoted the European Federalist Movement. In the after-war together with Ursula Hirschmann, he launched many Europeanist initiatives. He was a member of the European Economic Commission, a member of the European Parliament, and the President of the Institutional Commission.

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Literary Nonfiction. Italian & Italian American Studies. Edited by Luca Meldolesi. Translated by Michael Gilmartin. Systems, love, philosophy, science, end-means, anthropomorphism, economy, action, success, separation: these are the main theoretical...

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