Author: Jack Hannan

Jack Hannan has been a hotwalker, a typesetter for Fred Louder, a bookseller, and a publisher. He is a novelist and poet who lives in Montreal, Canada, not far from the house where he was born. His first book was published in 1977, and his first novel, The Poet Is a Radio, was published in 2016. His work has been shortlisted for the A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry and the Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction. His family knows he is either at home or will be back soon.

I Am the Earth the Plants Grow Through
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I Am the Earth the Plants Grow Through

Linda Leith Publishing

A photographer takes pictures of his wife. She watches him look. What do they see and how does that change over the years? I AN THE EARTH THE PLANTS GROW THROUGH is about what keeps people together—and what can pull them apart. As Tomas and Marie cr...

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