Author: A Alcalay, J Cortazar, D di Prima, P Pietri, M Rukeyser

Grounded in an exploration of relationships between writers and their guides past or present, as well as particular times and places, LOST & FOUND SERIES VIII unfolds an astounding array of unknown materials that reconfigure our present cultural and social map.

SERIES VIII includes:

Julio Cortázar: Julio y John, caminando y conversando: Selections from Imagen de John Keats (edited and translated by Olivia Loksing Moy & Marco Ram�rez Rojas)

Diane di Prima: Prometheus Unbound as a Magickal Working (ed. Iris Cushing)

"the difficulties involved": Muriel Rukeyser's Selections from A Season in Hell by Arthur Rimbaud (ed. Chris Clarke)

"a strange gift": Mary Norbert Korte's Response to Michael McClure's Ghost Tantras (ed. Mary Catherine Kinniburgh)

Pedro Pietri: Condom Poems 4 Sale One Size Fits All (ed. Rojo Robles; Afterword by Cristina P�rez D�az)

Lost & Found: Series VIII
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Lost & Found: Series VIII

The Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Poetry. Translation. Poetry History & Criticism. Poetics. Featuring Julio Cortázar, Olivia Loksing Moy, Marco Ramírez Rojas, Diane di Prima, Iris Cushing, Muriel Rukeyser, Chris Clarke, Mary Norbert Korte, Mary Catherine Kinniburgh, Pedro Pietri, Cr...

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