Author: Roberta Schultz

Roberta Schultz is a singer songwriter, teacher and poet originally from Grant's Lick, KY. Her poems and song lyrics have appeared in Women Speak, Vol.7, Sheila Na-Gig, Panoplyzine, Riparian, Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel, Kakalak and other anthologies. Three of her chapbooks, Outposts on the Border of Longing, Songs from the Shaper's Harp, and were published by Finishing Line Press. Her latest chapbook of poetry, Asking Price, was accepted by Workhorse Writers for their 2022 series.

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Dos Madres Press

“I believe in all women who mark time in heartbeats,” Roberta Schultz writes in her new collection, UNDERSCORE. In these poems we respect the voice of a musician, a keeper of songs and memories, facts and folklore: “Our voices clatter around the tab...

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