Author: Raúl Gómez Jattin

Raúl Gómez Jattin (Cartagena, 1945- 1997) was one of Colombia's most outstanding poets-and one of the country's most controversial literary figures. He spent most of his adult life between psychiatric hospitals, jails, and living as a homeless person. Through it all, he never stopped writing poetry or reciting it on street corners; his instantly-famous public readings drew hundreds of listeners. As a queer man of Syrian descent writing in a way that broke with his country's tradition, his rightful place at the forefront of Colombian poetry has long been denied. In 1997, he was tragically killed by a bus.

Almost Obscene
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Almost Obscene

Cleveland State University Poetry Center

ALMOST OBSCENE is Gómez Jattin’s English-language debut. It includes work culled from his sporadic chapbooks, written from 1980-1997, showcasing a jaggedness of tone, approach, and mind space—precisely the unpredictability that made Gómez Jattin an...

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