Author: Woodrow Bailey

Born in New Orleans and raised in South Los Angeles, Woodrow Bailey has always seen his creativity differently. He was taught at an early age to be a "Man for Others" and be committed to a greater cause than yourself. After graduating from the University of Southern California's Roski School of Art & Design in 1985 he started out in the visual arts field. After a few years he realized that his creativity was linked to his philanthropy. By happenstance he was hired by the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services. He decided to also work on his Master of Arts degree at California State University Los Angeles Luckman School of Art. By 1992 Mr. Bailey was taking words and phrases and incorporating them into his artwork but he started the process at while an undergraduate on photos. While working at building his career the conditions and circumstances of servicing those in need started to trigger emotional fragments of what society deals with. He started to document them, doing journals and writing about events that affected his environment. For the past thirty years he has been a "storyteller' in his own unique style of prose. "There are literally hundreds of these pieces, I will write one or two a day or depending on what's going on around me. An incident in the neighborhood will trigger my mind to document it.". his current series FREEDOM speaks on the conditions of culture of a fractured society. While somber the prose is meant to uplift and connect the reader to his environment. Woodrow Bailey is married to his wife Tahnda with two adult children Skylarr and Spencer; his first love is God for giving him this gift and giving him these opportunities to serve. Second his family who he lives for. "As an African American Man, I must lead by my deeds and consciousness." Third the people he helps through his philanthropy in South Los Angeles. His catch phrase is "Peace, Faith & Blessings to all who know me."

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In this groundbreaking work, Woodrow Bailey deconstructs the entire concept of freedom, our most sacred notion of ourselves and way of life. With a unique style of his own Woodrow Bailey challenges us to examine the very meaning of our lives. "I ca...

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