Author: Edwin Dickman

Edwin Dickman was born Buckley in Chicago on September 5, 1929. After spending his childhood in New York during the Great Depression and working briefly as a student and journalist, he was drafted into the military in 1953. He served in the U.S. Navy for two years, in a position that did not suit him but allowed him to travel throughout Europe. In 1957, Edwin left the U.S. for Scotland to begin a career as a painter. After studying for a year at the Royal Academy of Edinbrugh, he moved to Berlin in 1959 to begin master's studies with Professor Fritsch at the Berlin Art Academy. Since then Edwin has established himself as an artist in Berlin, Germany.

Dew on a Leaf / Morgentau
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Dew on a Leaf / Morgentau


Poetry collection from American artist in Berlin, Germany, Edwin Dickman A collection of poems and short prose from the American artist Edwin Dickman born as "Edwin Buckley" on 5. September 1929 in Chicago. His writings are from various stages of h...

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