Author: Julian Mithra

Julian Mithra hovers between genders and genres, border-mongering and -mongreling. An experimental archive, Unearthingly (KERNPUNKT, 2022) excavates forgotten spaces and inhabits caverns. Kaleidoscope (Ethel Press, 2021) flexes transembodiment against alphabetic constraints in a handsewn chapbook. If the Color Is Fugitive (Nomadic Press, 2018) historically intervenes in frontiers. For an MA in Folklore, they dressed up like a 19th century anthropologist and ventriloquized through a copper pipe. They peregrinate around the Bay Area, sniffing rocks and touching paper.

Promiscuous Ruin
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PAPERBACK $12.95 3/9/2023

Promiscuous Ruin

WTAW Press

Winner of the WTAW Alcove Chapbook Prize. Borrowing sensibility from docupoetics, where lyricism works to comment on an archive, and drawing upon Theodore Roosevelt’s “Daniel Boone’s Move to Kentucky,” PROMISCUOUS RUIN is the winner of the WTAW Alc...

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