Author: Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen is the author of the books A Heaven of Others (with Michael Hafftka), THE QUORUM, CADENZA FOR THE SCHNEIDERMANN VIOLIN CONCERTO, ALEPH-BET: AN ALPHABET FOR THE PERPLEXED (also with Michael Hafftka), Witz, and Bridge & Tunnel (& Tunnel & Bridge). He was born in Southern New Jersey in 1980. Currently, he writes for The Forward and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Aleph-Bet: An Alphabet for the Perplexed
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Aleph-Bet: An Alphabet for the Perplexed

Six Gallery Press

Literary Nonfiction. Essays. Fiction. Jewish Studies. Writer Joshua Cohen and artist Michael Hafftka interpret the twenty-two letters of the "Aleph Bet," the Hebrew alphabet, in this collection of short writings. Through their images and texts, both...

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