Author: Andre Du Bouchet

André du Bouchet (1924-2001) is recognized as one of the greatest French authors of the twentieth century. A groundbreaking poet, he was also a prolific translator from the English, German, and Russian, as well as a noted critic of art and literature. He published nearly seventy books in all. These include scores of volumes of verse and lyric prose, numerous works on Giacometti and other artists, along with translations of Faulkner, Shakespeare, Joyce, Hölderlin, Riding, and Pasternak. In the late sixties he co-founded-with Yves Bonnefoy, Jacques Dupin, Paul Celan, and others—the influential literary journal L'Éphémère. Among many honors, he was awarded the National Poetry Prize of France in 1983.

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Poetry. Translated by Eric Fishman and Hoyt Rogers. For English-speaking readers, the pieces in OUTSIDE expand the access to du Bouchet offered by Openwork, the selection published by Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers in 2014; deliberately, none of those ...

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