Author: Debra Di Blasi

Debra Di Blasi is the author of eight books, including, SELLING THE FARM (C&R Press, 2020); Today Is the Day That Will Matter: An Oral History of the New America: #AlternativeFictions; and Drought & Say What You Like, which won the Thorpe Menn Literary Excellence Award. Her writing appears in anthologies of innovative writing and in many prominent journals. She is a former publisher, educator, and art columnist.

Selling the Farm
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Selling the Farm

C&R Press

Literary Nonfiction. Women's Studies. Raised in a family of seven, in a small ramshackle farmhouse without plumbing, award-winning author Debra Di Blasi maps a candid and eloquent memoir of a Midwest childhood both land rich and dirt poor, both heav...

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