Another year, another solstice sale, and instead of regaling you with tales of how difficult existence on this earth has been, we at SPD have decided to catapult you far away from it!

From the starry blue skies to the creatures who might live beyond it, indulge your escapism with these awesome titles that expand our horizons.

Or perhaps, they'll help us realize that our imaginations are equally expansive - and that more is possible on this sorry planet than we had previously assumed.

All books below are:

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Fly Me To the Moon
Out of the Closet / Out of This World
The Sky Is Not the Limit
Magic School Bus: Outer Space
Do Androids Dream of Poetry
Raid on Area 51
Is Mercury in Retrograde? Or is Something Just Weird

Fly Me To the Moon
The moon has always been seen as the pinnacle of human ability - the face that launched a thousand spaceships, she was the princess of the Arms Race and Neil Armstrong's grand prize. But we at SPD think that's rubbish. Leave the moon alone! She's an independent goddess and she's can tell her own damn story. Here are some books we feel respect her for who she is.

The Odyssey
(Book*hug, 2019)
By Ken Hunt

The Shadows Moving in the Moon's Skull Eyes: An Appreciation of Apollo XI
(Livingston Press, 2019)
By Don Lago

Don't Get Your Hopes Up / Moon Woman
(Thoughtcrime Press, 2018)
By courtney marie and Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi

The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015)
By Paul Ebenkamp

Moon: Letters, Maps, Poems
(Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2018)
By Jennifer S Cheng

The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You
(Lost Roads Publishers, 2000)
By Frank Stanford

A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind: The Poems of Alfred Starr Hamilton
(The Song Cave, 2013)
By Alfred Starr Hamilton

Ruby Moonlight
(Flood Editions, 2015)
By Ali Cobby Eckermann

Out of the Closet / Out of This World

Coming out is a daunting task - it's scary to think the world around you may change. But here are some books that nudge you gently out of the closet into a place where everything is highly colorized, unfamiliar and exciting - a place where anything, or anyone could happen. We're so happy to be there with you.

Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl's Confabulous Memoir
(Metonymy Press, 2016)
By Kai Cheng Thom

Voyage, Orestes!
(Bamberger Books, 2018)
By Samuel R. Delany

Doomstead Days
(Nightboat Books, 2019)
By Brian Teare

Houses of Ravicka
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2017)
By Renee Gladman

Writers Who Love Too Much
(Nightboat Books, 2017)
By Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian, Editors

Letters to the Future: Black Women/Radical Writing
(Kore Press, 2018)
By Erica Hunt and Dawn Lundy Martin, Editors

Gay Sunrise
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2019)
By James Mitchell, Editor

David Wojnarowicz: Flesh of My Flesh
(Iceberg Projects Press, 2018)
By Daniel S. Berger

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Push past the firmament into the literary stratosphere with these amazing titles. Clouds may linger but once you close the cover you'll never have to deal with them again.

The Weather
(New Star Books, 2001)
By Lisa Robertson

Meaning to Go to the Origin in Some Way
(Shearsman Books, 2015)
By Linda Russo

Ending in Planes
(Noemi Press, 2014)
By Ruth Ellen Kocher

The Market Wonders
(Ahsahta Press, 2016)
By Susan Briante

The Iron Boys
(Burning Books, 2011)
By Thomas Frick

Ambient Parking Lot
(Kenning Editions, 2011)
By Pamela Lu

Beautiful Day
(Deerbrook Editions, 2015)
By JR Solonche

(Aunt Lute Books, 1999)
By Geling Yan

Magic School Bus: Outer Space

Sun Ra, who is from outer space, was convinced by aliens to drop out of school by the time he was in his 20's. Sadly, despite this, hundreds of children still have to bus, walk, bike, drive, and other wise lumber to school every single day. Can the commute be fun? Little kids can't drive so maybe they might want to read something while someone else is getting them there.

(Ayin Press, 2018)
By Tom Haviv and Sibba Hartunian (Illustrator)

The Discovery of Flight
(Inanna Publications, 2018)
By Susan Glickman

Tales of the Mer Family Onyx: Mermaid Stories on Land and Under the Sea
(Pelekinesis, 2017)
By Susan I Weinstein

Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries who Shaped Our History . . . and Our Future!
(City Lights Publishers, 2015)
By Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl

I Am Sausal Creek/Soy El Arroyo Sausal
(Little Nomad / Nomadic Press, 2015)
By Melissa Reyes

As Day Breaks: An Uplifting Story of Beauty in Sky and Earth and Sea for a Creative Child
(Cross-Cultural Communications, 2015)
By Theofil Halama

(Pleiades Press, 2015)
By Georgianna Smith and Louise Garbs

Under the Zaboca Tree
(Inanna Publications, 2017)
By Glynis Guevara

Do Androids Dream of Poetry

I've seen poetry you people wouldn't believe. Poetry on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched poetry glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

(Noemi Press, 2018)
By Jessica Rae Bergamino

The Voyager Record: A Transmission
(Rose Metal Press, 2016)
By Anthony Michael Morena

Love, Robot
(The Operating System, 2017)
By Margaret Rhee

(Counterpath Press, 2018)
By Allison Parrish

An Interface for a Fractal Landscape
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2019)
By Ed Steck

(Mayapple Press, 2010)
By Susan Slaviero

Ambient Technology
(Metatron, 2018)
By Ashley Obscura

Everything Seems Significant
(BlazeVOX books, 2019)
By Jan Bottiglieri

Raid on Area 51

Why catapult yourself out of this world when you can Naruto run yourself into a highly discouraged situation? Free the aliens, steal back your hopes and dreams, be everything the memes thought we could be. After all, they can't stop all of us from embodying "the utter disaster of evolving consciousness on this godforsaken rock."

Anime Animus Anima
(Shearsman Books, 2010)
By Jaime Robles

Aliens, Gods And Artists
(Eyewear Publishing, 2017)
By Sam Eisenstein

Civilization Makes Me Lonely
(Ahsahta Press, 2017)
By Jennifer Nelson

No, Wait. Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself.
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014)
By Robert Fitterman

Jobs of the Great Misery
(Skeleton Man, 2016)
By Aaron Winslow

Science Fiction: A Poem!
(JEF Books, 2017)
By Robin Wyatt Dunn

The Desert
(The Song Cave, 2018)
By Brandon Shimoda

Perverse, All Monstrous
(Nion Editions, 2017)
By Cody-Rose Clevidence

Is Mercury in Retrograde? Or is Something Just Weird

WHat the %&#* is going ON? Is it Mercury in retrograde, capitalism's death grip, or...? From the "celestial soil" of Octavia Butler in THE BLACK FEMINIST STUDY THEORY ATLAS, to the fibonacci chorus in DAY PULLS DOWN THE SKY / A FILAMENT IN GOLD LEAF, chronicle the stars through the chaos w/ these reads!

The Black Feminist Study Theory Atlas
(The Church of Black Feminist Thought, 2019)
By Ra Malika Imhotep and miyuki baker

GeNtry!fication: or the scene of the crime
(Noemi Press, 2018)
By Chaun Webster

day pulls down the sky / a filament in gold leaf
(Belladonna*, 2019)
By Okwui Okpokwasili and Asiya Wadud

(Miami University Press, 2018)
By Katy Bohinc

Past Lives, Future Bodies
(Black Lawrence Press, 2018)
By Kristin Chang

(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2018)
By Zahra Patterson

(Action Books, 2019)
By Kim Yideum, Jake Levine (Translator), Soeun Seo (Translator), Hedgie Choi (Translator)

Of Being Dispersed
(Futurepoem Books, 2016)
By Simone White

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