Letter Poem Using Personification

by Albert Flynn DeSilver

albert flynn desilver

Note: Personification is the literary device that gives human characteristics to things that are not human. Example: "The clouds cartwheel through the sky—Ominous/luminous/The Rain Smiles"

Write three colors. Examples: olive, charcoal, magenta

Write three vivid verbs or strong action words. Examples spiraling, screeching, plowing

Write three sounds. Examples: whisper, echo, clanging

Write three materials. Examples: cement, burlap, silk

Think of a heart emotion to write your letter to such as love, fear, anger, loneliness, etc. (Do not use a body feeling such as hunger or cold.)

Use the words you have listed to write a letter to your emotion.

If you could corner love in a room, what would you ask of love?

If you cornered anger in a room, what would you ask of anger.

How do you experience this emotion?

If your emotion were a landscape, what would it be?

If your emotion were a creature, what would it be?

If your emotion were a character, what would he or she wear?

What color eyes would he or she have? etc...

Play with the shape of your poem or the line breaks.

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