> SPD Handpicked is SPD's flagship marketing effort from May 2015 to April 2017.
> Four titles per month will receive an array of added marketing services.
> The fee to participate in this co-op initiative is $225 per title.
 > Limit of 1 title per publisher per year. 
> This offer is for SPD publishers only.  
Note: We expect SPD Handpicked to be highly competitive, limited as it is to just four titles a month. If your title does not get accepted, please understand the limitations we have at SPD, where over 1,000 new titles a year enter the warehouse. We are always here to have a conversation about how to get your next title in the program, and please do keep trying. Also, note that this is a co-op program. That is to say, SPD is subsidizing approximately a third of the budget for this program, with two thirds coming from the fees paid by participating publishers.  
    Books selected for the Handpicked program receive the following:

  1. Inclusion in the Handpicked Bundle- a subscription-based service in which subscribers choose a book from the 4 featured titles, at $10/book (this higher discount, like the regular Handpicked discount, is subsidized by SPD, not participating publishers).  

  2. Starting in October 2015 for HP presses, you get a premier color print advertisement near poetry reviews in PW magazine (1/3 column, 4 books). HP books will also be advertised on the Los Angeles Review of Books website. Paid tile ads will be placed on at least 2 smaller literary websites and/or magazines that month (usually Entropy and Rain Taxi Review of books). All 4 covers will appear in the larger ads.  

  3. One month as one of four titles on the Handpicked "Slider" on the SPD home page, the book page will be easily accessible on the website. Books will be discounted 20% for individual buyers from the site.  

  4. 2-5 mentions in SPD's social media during the month.  At least one of your book's FB posts will be "boosted" (minimum $20 value).  

  5. Inclusion in postcards (4 covers in "quadrant" form) placed in all outgoing orders to booksellers and individuals.  

  6. Presentation to staff at start of month on each title, including customer service associates who are the main word of mouth sellers to booksellers.
  7. Prominent, branded spot at 1341 Seventh Street in Berkeley.
  8. Buy Report filled out at Baker & Taylor's Pub Alley recommending a specific buy quantity for each of their five warehouses (quantity arrived at in consultation with the publisher).
  9. Direct email via Vendor Central to Amazon encouraging higher buy of that title.
> SPD Publishers Only
> Press must be averaging at least 1 title a year for the past three years.
> Press must guarantee delivery of 60 copies to the SPD warehouse no later than 3 weeks before month we plan to feature that title.
> Press must guarantee swift restock during the featured month (arrival in Berkeley no later than two weeks from date of request).
> Press must deliver content, including content appropriate for SPD to re-broadcast in our social media.
> Press must supply Peek Inside content for SPD's website.
> Press is encouraged to have a marketing video for the title to attach to the book record on
> Press must have a marketing plan in place for the nominated book.



Email the following information to HANDPICKED@SPDBOOKS.ORG:


1. Title, author, publisher, genre, price, pages.

2. Pubdate for the book (cannot be more than 3 months in the past).

3. Print run. If digitally printed, estimate initial printing and indicate Digitally Printed.

4. Short, compelling pitch for the book.

5. Previous books by the author, including estimates of total sales for each title when available, and any awards, prizes, or major reviews.

6. Advertisements or other marketing the press will be doing for the book outside this program.

7. Anticipated readings or events the author or press will be doing for this book (dates, venue, etc.)

8. Describe the social media presence of your author.

9. Describe any other elements of your marketing plan for this title.

10. Tell us the ideal month you'd like to see the book appear in Handpicked.

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