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SPD's Handpicked Titles for March, 2016
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And So Is the Bus | Yossel Birstein | Dryad Press
this is the fugitive | Misha Pam Dick | Essay Press
Style | Dolores Dorantes | Kenning Editions
SAY/MIRROR | JP Howard | The Operating System

And So Is the Bus

Yossel Birnstein

this is the fugitive

Misha Pam Dick


Dolores Dorantes

Peek Inside! 


JP Howard

Praise for And So Is the Bus:

"Evocative stories-fortified with beguiling asides, full of unforgettable absurdities ... You might strain to see the world in Blake's grain of sand, but you see Birstein's world with clarity in a short hop aboard a Jerusalem bus."-Kirkus Reviews 

Praise for this is the fugitive:
"'Intertextual avant la lettre'-recalling failure-courters from Kierkegaard to Markson while channeling Woyzeck-this is the fugitive traffics in the trans-lation and trans-substantiation of the introvert's anxiety ('neutrality is evil'; 'I am dead and wish simply to be left alone in my caving-in') contra the onslaught of (especially gender-based) violence past and present, fictive and real." - Anna Moschovakis  
About Style:
Dolores Dorantes's Style is a prose book in which a plural feminine voice narrates the vicissitudes of a war designed to suppress that voice. A voice that represents the war on the Mexico-U.S. border? Guerilla adolescents taking their revenge? Enslaved girls who appear in order to combat a macho presidential figure linked to our current-day Central America? Latin America advancing on a fascist-capitalist government? These are some of the questions that might arise from Style.
Prais for SAY/MIRROR:
"JP Howard's collection of poems is a raw reminder of the experience of motherhood and daughterhood. Her sharp memories of love and neglect; elegance, admiration and inadequacy leave a salty/sweet taste not soon forgotten." - Jewelle Gomez 
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