Time to put down the swimsuits, the icecream, the cute summer animals and retreat from the burning gaze of the hellworld sun. It's back to school for you!!
And sure, school is weird, but it's not all bad. You get to build sculptures out of the cafeteria food, ostracize your peers in new and interesting ways, bully your teacher, learn survival skills in a brutal microcosm to prepare you for life in capitalist America -- and so much more! Besides, school doesn't last forever. And before you know it, you'll be like Elizabeth Berkley, leaving behind your Saved by the Bell life, and clip clopping down those Vegas stairs towards your adult Showgirls future. 
But while you're in school, it's probably a good idea to at least learn one or two things. And we're lucky here at SPD to have so many teachers supporting independently published literature by putting our awesome books on their syllabi. So for the (long-suffering) student in all of us, the Back to School titles below are now: 
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  Just in time for fall semester!
And if you're a professor currently teaching an SPD book, let us know, we'll be happy put it on sale - email and she'll get right on it. 


high school: the hellmouth
School is hard enough without having to navigate your best friend turning into an evil witch, your vampire crush, the zombie teacher's aid, and the ancient curse of the cafeteria food. Study up on defending yourself from the supernatural threat of psychic death with some of these great titles. 
(Linda Leith, 2018)
by Phillip Ernest

(Green Mountains Review Books, 2016)
 by Alyse Knorr 

(The Operating System, 2017)
 By Chely Lima 
(Sator Press, 2018)
 By Johanna Hedva 
(Bilingual Review Press, 2001)
  Edited By Rob Johnson
(Elixir Press, 2007) 
By Sarah Kennedy
(Hanging Loose Press, 1979)
 By Helen Adam

(Metatron, 2016)
By Sara Sutterlin

do teen crimes
Substitute teachers are basically the stepfathers of the institution. Where do they get off telling you what to do like they own the place.  Skip class, flip off the boss, and take a vacation of the mind with some of these titles.
(Bordighera Press, 2002)  
By Stanislao G. Pugliese
(Krupskaya, 2013) 
By Stephanie Young
(BlazeVOX books, 2009)  
By Chuck Richardson
(Nightboat Books, 2006)
 By Juliet Patterson
(Copper Canyon Press, 2002) 
By C D Wright

(Future Tense Books, 2012)
 By Shane Allison

mystery meat
Every year some Einstein teacher is always all like "yo, minds-of-the-future, what's your favorite class period?" only to receive the most bad-to-the-bone got 'em response ever: "lunchtime." High fives all around. Take that learning. Cookies and gossip will always mean more than you.
(Sagging Meniscus Press, 2017)
By Ed Hamilton
(Wave Books, 2014)
By Hoa Nguyen
(Fence Books, 2013)
Kristin Hatch
(AngoBoy, 2012)
By Stanley H. Barkan
(BookThug, 2017)
By Jean-Philippe Baril Guerard, trans. Aimee Wall
(Noemi Press, 2017)
By Claire Marie Stancek

on wednesdays we wear pink
As teen film classic Mean Girls attests, the hardest part of being the new kid in high school is walking into that goddamn cafeteria. How am I supposed to know if the cool kids are the clean hippies over in the corner, or the preps with the boat shoes over there? Are the goth kids also art kids? The two can be mutually exclusive, you know. And there's just no way to tell from a glance whether or not those kids are more like Gay Pride or Gay Shame, amirite? In any case, here are some books for all you weirdo outsiders, they'll help you get through lunch period when you're eating your sandwich alone near the dumpsters or in a single bathroom stall. 
The Black Emerald
(Instar Books, 2017)
By Jeanne W Thornton 
Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl
(Rescue Press, 2017)
By Andrea Lawlor 
Salamandrine: 8 Gothics
(Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2013)
By Joyelle McSweeney 
(Tinfish Press, 2018)
By Geneve Chao 
Strike a Prose: Memoirs of a Lit Diva Extraordinaire
(co-im-press, 2018)
By Tim Jones-Yelvington 
(Aunt Lute Books, 2006)
By Cherry Muhanji 
Born Again
(The Operating System, 2018)
By Ivy Johnson 
Double Teenage
(BookThug, 2016)
By Joni Murphy 
The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters
(Nightboat Books & SplitLevel Texts, 2017)
By Bernadette Mayer 
You Don't Have to Fuck People Over to Survive
(AK Press, 2009)
By Seth Tobocman 

high school high drama
"I hate the way you talk to me..."
(Brick Books, 2015)
By Anne Carson
"...And the way you cut your hair..."
(The Word Works, 2016)
By Cheryl Clarke
"...I hate the way you drive my car..." 
(The Song Cave, 2017)
By Ron Padgett
"...I hate it when you stare..."
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
By Jasmine Gibson
"...I hate your big dumb combat boots. And the way you read my mind..."
Captain Poetry's Sucker Punch: A Guide to the Homeric Punkhole, 1980-2012
(BlazeVOX books, 2012)
By Kenneth Warren
"...I hate you so much that it makes me sick. It even makes me rhyme..."
(Octopus Books, 2016)
By Dan Hoy
"...I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie..." 
(BookThug, 2006)
By Lisa Robertson
 "...I hate it when you make me laugh. Even worse when you make me cry..."
(Argos Books, 2015)
By Khadijah Queen
"...I hate the way you're not around. And the fact that you didn't call..."
(Tender Buttons Press, 2014)
By Bernadette Mayer
"...But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all."
(City Lights Publishers, 2012)
By Julian Talamantez Brolaski

dreams of a showgirl future
When I was in high school, I found it really depressing every time some random adult would say to me, "DON'T WASTE THESE DAYS, THEY WILL BE THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!" I mean, isn't stuff supposed to get better the older you get? High school isn't that great. Sure you get to sleep a lot and not have to work or worry about paying rent, and it really only goes from like 8am to 3pm with lots of breaks in between, but it's hard okay? Don't worry kids, you're totally ready for the real world - trying to find a gig alongside your overworked, overqualified peers, worrying about paying for health insurance so you'll be okay even if someone pushes you down the stairs, etc. etc.
Showgirls: The Movie in Sestinas
(BlazeVOX books, 2014)
By Jeffery Conway 
The Leftovers
(Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2018)
By Shaelyn Smith 
Jobs of the Great Misery
(Skeleton Man, 2016)
By Aaron Winslow
An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom: Roberto Bolano's 2666
(Fiction Advocate, 2018)
By Jonathan Russell Clark 
A Manual For Nothing
(Noemi Press, 2017)
By Jessica Anne 
My New Job
(Fence Books, 2009)
By Catherine Wagner 
The Babysitter at Rest
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2016)
By Jen George 
Promising Young Women
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2012)
By Suzanne Scanlon 
teaching an SPD book? let us know 
 In Daniel Benjamin's "Bay Area Poetry" at UC Berkeley: 
(Edge Books, 1999)
By Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino 
The Judy Grahn Reader
(Aunt Lute Books, 2009)
By Judy Grahn 
The Complete Works of Pat Parker
(A Midsummer Night's Press, 2016)
By Pat Parker 
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2013)
By Robert Gluck 
Pamela: A Novel
(Atelos, 1998)
By Pamela Lu 
In Dennis Sweeney's "Introduction to Creative Writing" at University of Denver: 
Potted Meat
(Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2016)
By Steven Dunn 
The Volta Book of Poets
(Sidebrow Books, 2015)
By Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Editor 
In Leia Penina Wilson's class at Albion College: 
(Birds, LLC, 2018)
By Chase Berggrun 
The Fat Sonnets
(Argos Books, 2018)
By Samantha Zighelboim 
Barbie Chang
(Copper Canyon Press, 2017)
By Victoria Chang 
Wild Grass on the Riverbank
(Action Books, 2015)
By Hiromi Ito 
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