Is it possible to even tell you how much we love the indie bookstores in our life? From handselling small press books, to keeping us on the radar of customers interested in experimental literature, to tolerating weird hours and dust allergies (a occupational hazard!), booksellers are angels to whom we at SPD owe a great deal. Not to mention the fact that they themselves are some of the most opinionated, most discerning readers we know - tastemakers of the industry in their own right.
 In honor of the brilliant booksellers on our Indie Bookstore Council, all the following titles they've recommended are:
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We'd love to celebrate them over the next few months - and if any indie booksellers would like to add their favorite SPD picks to this list, we'd be happy to. Simply email and she'll put them on sale! 

David Wojnarowicz: Flesh of My Flesh

Iceberg Projects Press
By Daniel S Berger

"David Wojnarowicz, the patron saint of rage, is finally finally accepted into the major art canon that his work so defiantly stood against. And yeah, fuck that, but also, thank God." -Jared
 (Shearsman Books, 2018)
By Pablo de Rokha, tr. Urayoan Noel
"Pablo de Rokha's name is said in the same breath as Pablo Neruda's, only to say that his poems make Neruda's sound vanilla. Grounded in an over-arching critique of Yankeeland's tireless imperialism, these poems smolder and burn my eyes. This is the only book-length English translation of his work!"- Jared

We Women Have no Fatherland

(Rixdorf Editions, 2018)
By Ilse Frapan, James J. Conway (Translator)
"This is a novel of bubbling rage about the resilience of women. The anxiety and stress that already come with academia, exacerbated by gender oppression, climax in the epiphanic cry of the title-We women have no fatherland! Shout out to Rixdorf Editions for bringing this book and other forgotten German texts into English-their books are excellent!" - Jared
Death to the Fascist Insect
(Spurl Editions, 2019)
By John Brian King, Editor

"Another Spurl Editions book for you FREAKS out there. A book about a descent into madness, sprung from an outside observation, and thus realization, about his nose. Point your finger and holler MADMAN! MADMAN! MADMAN!" - Jared
(The Song Cave, 2018)
 by Brandon Shimoda

"This is a journey through visceral memory and familial pain-an exploration of history that spans through locale, sensation, form, pulled tightly together through the blistering desert heat." -Jared
(1913 Press, 2018) 
by Ronaldo V Wilson and LUCY

"RVW is a master. Here, he inhabits the character Lucy as if she is a marionette and he is somewhere hidden, pulling strings-it almost feels exploitative. This is a fascinating work, challenging to be sure, delicate with its rendering and delivery. The commentary it makes on race and gender is really unique-an invaluable, necessary work." - Jared
(Nightboat Books, 2018) 
by Christopher Soto, ed.
"Here are reasons to sing, to shiver, to cry, to snap, to bark, to love, to feel-in resonance. Words to keep near your pillow, and to read on the train, and to keep on your tongue. EVERY POEM HERE IS GOOD." - Jared
(A Midsummer Night's Press, 2018)
by Audre Lorde and Pat Parker, ed. Julie R Enszer 

"Radical friendship! Radical love! Radical support! Radical vulnerability! Radical love, again! These collected letters are a treat-they empower, and warm. So many feels." - Jared 
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2017)
by Renee Gladman
"From a foremost literary imagination; the reader (re)enters the strange country of Ravicka-follows the city's only comptroller as they examine the strange topography and architecture of the city. Truly something else." - Jared
(Spurl Editions, 2017)
by Marjorie Worthington
"Come to fulfill your curiosity about these seedy, larger-than-life lost generation writers-stay to examine the gendered relationship between them. Filled with undying love, kink, and a hint of black magic-true literary popcorn." - Jared
(Aunt Lute, 2018)
by Juliana Delgado Lopera
"Mira mi hermanx! Sientate aqui y escuchan a sus tias-to preserve queer memory, and to learn from our elders." - Jared
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
by Jasmine Gibson  

"This book is a match and a gas can all in one explosive package." - Ivy
(Kelsey Street Press, 2018)
by Cecilia Vicuña, ed. Rosa Alcalá   
"First I was moved by Vicuna's visual art: mystical talismans constructed with common materials, cloth, feather, bone, twine, and the plastic refuse of rapacious capitalism. Next I found her poetry, and her activism, and saw it all as survival work, as if she were weaving a large safety net for us all to fall into when overwhelmed by colonialism, pillaging, machismo, pollution, disaster, and disconnect." - Ivy
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2018)
by Raquel Salas Rivera 

"!Que Viva Puerto Rico! Beautifully rendered in a bilingual edition by our local press Timeless Infinite Light, these are poems that tell us the true and current state of Puerto Rico. Raquel's poesia is puro amore to her island home; you will shudder, shake, laugh, and cry with their truth." -Josiah
(Dialogos/Lavender Ink, 2018)
by Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, tr. Arturo Mantecón

"Post-Beat apocalyptic poetry written by a man who would spend hours and hours wandering the magatropolis of Mexico City. Fictionalized by Roberto Bolano as Ulisse Lima in the Savage Detectives, fans of the new wave of Latinx literature will be delighted to discover this work. Beautifully translated by local poet and self described "Pocho" scholar Arturo Mantecon."  -Josiah
(Wave Books, 2018)
 by Geoffrey G. O'Brien

"These poems are restless and irresistible. They discuss and attempt to work through the complications of our political moment, wielding loneliness & writing itself as a navigational tool -- the sonnet sequence alone is worth the price!"
(New Star Books, 2018)
by David Bromige

"Celebrating a wide-ranging long career of inventive, humorous, thoughtful poetry from a too-little known contemporary poet, this is a great reintroduction to Bromige's work."
(Wave Books, 2018) 
by Geoffrey G. O'Brien
  "Language poetry meets the lyric in these dives into the political economy of the quotidian and the shaky fluid interconnections between us."
(Nightboat Books, 2018) 
by Etel Adnan
"This is a beautifully contemplative and measured book of philosophical poetry from the poet/artist/philosopher Etel Adnan. Beautifully produced, to match."
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
 by Hazel White

"A deep interpenetration of language in landscape, White has brought the abstractions of landscape design to language and back again."
(Nightboat Books, 2017) 
by Jen Bervin
"One of the wildest literary projects I've ever read, this beautiful book is profound investigation of the natural and cultural life of the silkworm and the poems are a channeling of those worlds into poetry. One of the most amazing books you'll ever read."
The Ravickians
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2011)
By Renee Gladman

"Gladman has spread something vast and important before us in these novels. The text appears minimal, the prose is a work of space that I'm still trying to fathom. You don't read these books, you inhabit them and are never quite able to leave."
(Wave Books, 2018)
By Dorothea Lasky 
"This book is alive with a love and terror that's not quite earthly. Reading Lasky's work, I'm ever-conscious of the ancient spirits of the poetic cosmos she's navigated to bring readers closer to our present moment."
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2018)
by Simone White
"Simone White is so smart it freaks me out. She communes with her subjects on a level that I can see and feel but I fail to actually grasp. Her work shows shows what new things are possible in the spaces of thought, and this book sends my head spinning in new and wonderful directions."

(Nightboat Books, 2018) 
by Christopher Soto, ed.
"There's a particular art to anthologies, and every now and again one emerges that is a complete game-changer: The New American Poetry, Black Fire, An Anthology of New York Poets, The Breakbeat Poets, to name a few. This is one of those anthologies. Assembled here is a gathering of poet who serve as a beacon to future generations of poets."
(Nightboat Books, 2018) 
by Asyia Wadud
"A real stunner. Asyia Wadud's debut dissipates the borders of self, space, lineage, and time through the language of our collective present. These poems exist on other planes that ours, to be absorbed by mere proximity than read. Keep it close."
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2017)
By Leonora Carrington
 "Here are stories populated by hyenas in ball gowns, horses throwing parties, the dead coming to life in moonlight, women covered in fur. Carrington's stories are a delicious blend of the grotesque and opulent, the decadent, rancid, macabre and florid. Her plots meander nowhere in particular, and conclude there too, and somehow this seems exactly right." - Laurel
(Aforementioned Productions, 2014)
By Dolan Morgan
"Funny, surreal, and absurd short stories with a deep emotional core. Like George Saunders trying to write his way out of one of Calvino's Invisible Cities." - Tom
(Kaya Press, 2017)
by Anelise Chen 

"Anelise Chen's memoir/novel is a painful, hilarious, and profound work of autofiction narrated by Athena Chen, a grad student confronting a crisis of existential doubt after the suicide of a friend while struggling to finish her dissertation on sports history. Through observations on subjects ranging from drunk academics, to Youtube clips of catastrophic Olympic moments, to lap swimming, to immigrant parents, the book is an inquiry into the philosophical implications of our evolving notions of success and failure." - Bonnie
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2018)
by Sabrina Orah Mark

"The weirdest, wildest book of short stories I've ever read. You'll have no idea what's going on half the time but you'll love every second of it."
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
by Etel Adnan 
"A stunning, philosophical look at the way we coexist with the natural world around us."
(Essay Press, 2017)
by Selah Saterstrom 

"Informed by a deep familiarity with divination of many kinds, but writing with the art of poetry in mind, this unique book full of memories and fresh perspective is true gem of thought-provoking wonder."

Monster Portraits

(Rose Metal Press, 2018)
By Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar
"From the deft & deep mind of Sofia Samatar + her brother Del comes this slim volume packed with illuminated glimpses into other worlds. Great for lovers of the fantastic & literary off-the-beaten-path." - Gretchen 
Past Lives, Future Bodies

(Black Lawrence Press, 2018)
By Kristin Chang
"New favorite poet & one of the best emerging writers in poetry right now. Each poem flows effortlessly through a dizzying collection of visceral images, all made needle-sharp with her masterful wielding of the line break. "My mother says / women who sleep with women / are redundant: the body symmetrical / to its crime. Between your knees / I mistake need for belief / in a father figure: once, we renamed / our fathers by burning them / out of our bodies, smoking the sky / into meat."" - Alex
Nepantla: An Anthology Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
By Christopher Soto, Editor
"A beautiful survey of queer poets of color throughout US history - Christopher Soto founded Nepantla as an online journal to nurture, celebrate, & preserve diversity in the queer poetry community. This is its first time in print!" - Alex

What Runs Over

(YesYes Books, 2017)
By Kayleb Rae Candrilli
"A shattering debut of survival, of rural queerness & its violences. Kaveh Akbar described it as "so full of energy it practically vibrates in your hand" & I couldn't agree more. What Runs Over is the kind of book you read in one sitting & come out of gasping. All of the trigger warnings." - Alex 
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