~ CALIFORNIA DREAMING: a celebration of CA authors & publishers ~ 
  We at SPD are proud to be part of a mutually supportive local community of writers,publishers and arts non-profits. To celebrate that, we're extremely proud to present two collaborations with local organization LitQuake and local bookstore Wolfman Books this October!
 We'll be there running the photobooth - take a picture of your new makeover or small press purchase for our instagram in exchange for a free book! 
Secondly - we're participating in the first ever LitQuake Book Fair, in the heart of the Mission District just preceding the world-famous Lit Crawl. We'll be there selling books and providing free publishing advice for anyone who comes by. 
And that's not all! In celebration of our local legends, we've put together a selection of Califfornia authors and texts, all ON SALE for: 
30% off 
w/ code CALI
We hope you enjoy the sunshine. 
Restless Continent
(Litmus Press, 2016)
By Aja Couchois Duncan 
Tender Points
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015)
By Amy Berkowitz 
Poeta en San Francisco
(Tinfish Press, 2006)
By Barbara Jane Reyes 
Invisible Oligarchs
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016)
By Bill Berkson 
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2006)
By Bruce Boone 
The Rosy Medallions
(Kelsey Street Press, 1995)
By Camille Roy 
Selected Writings (Expanded Second Edition)
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2005)
By Cedar Sigo 
(Pressed Wafer, 2006)
By Del Ray Cross 
And Then We Became
(City Lights Publishers, 2016)
By devorah major 
The Poetry Deal
(City Lights Publishers, 2014)
By Diane Di Prima 
Writers Who Love Too Much
(Nightboat Books, 2017)
By Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian, Editors 
The TV Sutras
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014)
By Dodie Bellamy 
daryl hall is my boyfriend
(Barrelhouse Books, 2015)
By erica lewis 
Terra Firmament
(Krupskaya, 2013)
By Evan Kennedy 
F. S. Rosa Selected Writings
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2017)
By F.S. Rosa 
Power Ballads
(Wave Books, 2016)
By Garrett Caples 
(Tinfish Press, 2018)
By Geneve Chao 
Vigilance is No Orchard
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
By Hazel White 
Levon Helm
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2018)
By Jason Morris 
Moon: Letters, Maps, Poems
(Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2018)
By Jennifer S Cheng 
There You Are
(Wave Books, 2017)
By Joanne Kyger, Cedar Sigo (Editor) 
kith & kin
(The Elephants, 2018)
By Jocelyn Saidenberg 
(Aunt Lute Books, 2017)
By Juliana Delgado Lopera, editor 
The Transformation
(Atelos, 2007)
By Juliana Spahr 
In Commemoration of the Visit
(Further Other Book Works, 2016)
By Kathleen Fraser and Robert Gluck 
Impossible Princess
(City Lights Publishers, 2009)
By Kevin Killian 
Rabbit Stories
(Poetic Matrix Press, 2013)
By Kim Shuck 
(City Lights Publishers, 2001)
By Lawrence Ferlinghetti 
Crossing Haight-San Francisco poems
(Jambu Press, 2018)
By Virginia Barrett 
The Birds and Other Poems
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2009)
By Lewis Ellingham 
Negative Capability in the Verse of John Wieners
(Bootstrap Press, 2017)
By Micah Ballard 
Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road
(City Lights Publishers, 2012)
By Michelle Tea, Editor 
Kala Pani
(1913 Press, 2013)
By Monica Mody 
Farther Traveler
(Counterpath Press, 2015)
By Ronaldo V Wilson 
Leaning Against Time
(R.L. Crow Publications, 2004)
By Neeli Cherkovski 
(Litmus Press, 2015)
By Norma Cole and Marina Adams 
Ambient Parking Lot
(Kenning Editions, 2011)
By Pamela Lu 
Belly Up
(A Strange Object, 2018)
By Rita Bullwinkel 
Music for Porn
(Nightboat Books, 2012)
By Rob Halpern 
From Our Hearts to Yours: New Narrative as Contemporary Practice
(ON Contemporary Practice, 2017)
By Rob Halpern & Robin Tremblay-McGaw, Editors 
Letters: Poems 1953-1956
(Flood Editions, 2003)
By Robert Duncan 
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2013)
By Robert Gluck 
Dear Reader
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2015)
By Robin Tremblay-McGaw 
(Chax Press, 2016)
By Sarah Rosenthal 
(Roof Books, 1994)
By Stacy Doris 
(The Post-Apollo Press, 2007)
By Steve Dickison 
(Black Sun Lit, 2018)
By Steven Seidenberg 
AERODROME ORION & Starry Messenger
(Kelsey Street Press, 2010)
By Susan Gevirtz 
The Easy Body
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2017)
By Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta 
someone's dead already
(Bootstrap Press, 2015)
By Tongo Eisen-Martin 
Cool Don't Live Here No More: A Letter to San Francisco
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2015)
By Tony Robles 
(Kelsey Street Press, 2003)
By Yedda Morrison
Born Again
(The Operating System, 2018)
By Ivy Johnson 
(Nomadic Press, 2018)
By Cassandra Dallett 
Noise in the Face Of
(Roof Books, 2016)
By David Buuck 
Experience in Groups
(Wave Books, 2018)
By Geoffrey G O'Brien 
The Four Seasons
(Wonder, 2018)
By Brandon Brown 
Rapid Transit
(Nomadic Press, 2018)
By Alexandra Naughton 
The Next Crystal Text
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2018)
By Melissa Mack 
Southern Migrant Mixtape
(Nomadic Press, 2018)
By Vernon Keeve III 
The Bigness of Things: New Narrative and Visual Culture
(Wolfman Books, 2017)
By Daniel Benjamin and Eric Sneathen, Editors 
Snail Poems
(Krupskaya, 2016)
By Eric Sneathen 
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2017)
By alex cruse 
Black Lavender Milk
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015)
By Angel Dominguez 
 I Love It Though
(Nightboat Books, 2017)
By Alli Warren
Anemal Uter Meck
(Black Radish Books, 2017)
By Mg Roberts 
Dear Animal,
(Nomadic Press, 2016)
By MK Chavez 
You're The Most Beautiful Thing That Happened
(Augury Books, 2016)
By Arisa White 
Registration Caspar
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016)
By J. Gordon Faylor 
Tell Me Every Anchor Every Arrow
(Kelsey Street Press, 2016)
By Steffi Drewes 
Merry Hell
(Atelos, 2016)
By Sara Larsen 
Hermeticities & Others
(Bootstrap Press, 2016)
By Derek Fenner 
The Surrender
(Anomalous Press, 2016)
By Veronica Scott Esposito 
A Swarm of Bees in High Court
(Belladonna*, 2015)
By Tonya M Foster 
The Undying Present
(Krupskaya, 2015)
By Syd Staiti 
(Elis Press, 2015)
By Jamie Townsend 
deadfalls & snares
(Futurepoem Books, 2014)
By Samantha Giles 
It's night in San Francisco but it's sunny in Oakland
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2014)
By Joel Gregory and emji spero, Editors 
Ursula or University
(Krupskaya, 2013)
By Stephanie Young 
The Judy Grahn Reader
(Aunt Lute Books, 2009)
By Judy Grahn 
Then Go On
(Litmus Press, 2012)
By Mary Burger 
Tout va bien
(Displaced Press, 2012)
By Suzanne Stein 
The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom
(The Post-Apollo Press, 2010)
By Leslie Scalapino 
(Edge Books, 1999)
By Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino 
(Cuneiform Press, 2010)
By Michael Cross 
To Die for the People
(City Lights Publishers, 2009)
By Huey Newton 
Useful Knowledge
(Station Hill Press of Barrytown, 2001)
By Gertrude Stein 
(Black Radish Books, 2018)
By Barbara Tomash 
Lagarto de mi corazón
(Luna Bisonte Prods, 2018)
By Ivan Arguelles 
Mare Island
(IF SF Publishing, 2016)
By Brooks Roddan 
(Litmus Press, 2017)
By Jean Day 
Leaves of Class
(Chax Press, 2017)
By Kit Robinson 
The Absolute Letter
(Flood Editions, 2017)
By Andrew Joron 
Cold Genius
(Fence Books, 2014)
By Aaron Kunin 
Candor is the brightest shield
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014)
By A Maxwell 
Vision Test
(Cross-Cultural Communications/Korean Expatriate Literature, 2016)
By Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards 
(Apogee Press, 2016)
By Laura Walker 
The Beginner
(Tuumba Press, 2002)
By Lyn Hejinian 
Aerial 10: Lyn Hejinian
(Edge Books, 2016)
By Lyn Hejinian 
Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics
(Poetic Matrix Press, 2015)
By Leroy Franklin Moore, Jr.  
Poor Anima
(Apogee Press, 2015)
By Khaty Xiong 
Anti-Humboldt: A Reading of the North American Free Trade Agreement
(Litmus Press/Aldus Editorial, 2015)
By Hugo Garcia Manriquez 
The Louder the Room the Darker the Screen
Timeless, Infinite Light
By Paul Ebenkamp 
The Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century
(SplitLevel Texts, 2013)
By Catherine Meng 
Some Math
(Kenning Editions, 2011)
By Bill Luoma 
(Kenning Editions, 2011)
By Amber DiPietra and Denise Leto 
The Spoonlight Institute
(Adventures in Poetry / Zephyr Press, 2009)
By Alan Bernheimer 
Directed by Desire: The Collected Poems of June Jordan
(Copper Canyon Press, 2007)
By June Jordan 
 The Complete Works of Pat Parker
(A Midsummer Night's Press, 2016)
By Pat Parker
The Braid
(Krupskaya, 2016)
By Lauren Levin 
Who That Divines
(Nightboat Books, 2014)
By Laura Moriarty 
(Subito Press, 2017)
By Michael Nicoloff 
(Nightboat Books, 2018)
By Etel Adnan 
Untitled Series: Life as It Is
(Talisman House, Publishers, 2018)
By Norman Fischer 
(Pressed Wafer, 2018)
By Clark Coolidge 
like a solid to a shadow
(Timeless, Infinite Light, 2017)
By Janice Lobo Sapigao 
Sympathetic Little Monster
(Ricochet Editions, 2016)
By Cameron Awkward-Rich 
AMERICAN LETTERS: works on paper
(Canarium Books, 2018)
By giovanni singleton 
The Tower of Babel
(Talisman House, Publishers, 1994)
By Jack Spicer 
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