Tom Raworth, In Memorium (1938 - 2017) 
We at SPD were so sorry to hear of the passing of Tom Raworth, beloved member of our poetry community, after a long illness. His poetry, visual art, performance, and mostly his beautiful spirit, has meant so much to us all. Our hearts go out to his friends and family during this difficult time - he will be sorely missed. 
Structure from Motion
(Edge Books, 2015)
By Tom Raworth 
Caller and Other Pieces
(Edge Books, 2007)
By Tom Raworth 
(Edge Books, 2001)
By Tom Raworth 
(O Books, 2000)
By Tom Raworth 
(The Post-Apollo Press, 1999)
By Tom Raworth 
Clean & Well Lit: Selected Poems 1987-1995
(Roof Books, 1996)
By Tom Raworth 
Learn more about Tom Raworth and his brilliant work here
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