We're proud to announce that two of SPD's beloved authors Aditi Machado and Matthew Rohrer have each been recognized with 2017 Believer Magazine Awards! 
  by Aditi Machado
(Nightboat, 2017) 
 "Some Beheadings is an apt title for Aditi Machado's daring debut collection. Her work tends toward a poetics that recalls Dickinson's: "If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry." Machado is our winner because of her talent at so eloquently stating what these poems leave unsaid. Her work here is to allow the reader to work, to trust the minds of those who encounter her poems. We read as participants and not as the entertained. Machado takes the necessary themes that pervade our twenty-first-century moment and depends on lyric impulse to leave them bare in ways that no television news program ever could: "Sand divines my desiccation. So too with culture, / words I use to speak my distance from the desert. / Culture too resides in me an intercourse most internal." And this book is "internal" in the best way, as over and again it glows with an introspective power, a power that could be wielded only by a human being."
by Matthew Rohrer  
(Wave Books, 2017)  
"Tumbling from one speaker to the next, Matthew Rohrer's dreamlike novel-in-verse harkens back to a time when poetic language was used, principally, to tell stories. It is experimental and strange but not in a way that alienates its readers. Whether Rohrer's characters are riding the F train in midtown Manhattan, high in nineteenth-century France, or fending off robot bigfeet, his masterful attention to detail and rhythm absorbs and engages. Each narrative emerges from the one that precedes it, like a Russian nesting doll, producing a sensation of spacious expansion and laying bare the manner by which narratives absorb and give birth to each other. This is a book of trapdoors and weird trips and special delights, and we are honored to present it with the twelfth annual Believer Book Award."
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