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 selected titles from our Fall catalogue
"These are the moments I want to tell, to write, the ones that leave me a little raw, that hold love and memory and pain and suffering and survival." 
Treyf Pesach
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2017)
By Hilton Obenzinger 
"[This book] strikes with all the force of an exploding bomb-because it speaks the truth." - Paul Auster 
The Up and Down of Feet
Burning Deck
By Elke Erb, trans. Rosmarie Waldrop

"Her curiosity about the world and its possibilities is as sharp-eyed as ever, but now includes an almost obsessive interest in the adventure of language. Her pleasure in words is infectious."
Ten Years on the Mountain: An Anniversary Anthology
(Red Mountain Press, 2017)
By Susan Gardner and Devon Ross, Editors 
TEN YEARS ON THE MOUNTAIN is an anthology of poems and prose, with commentary from twenty five authors describing their unique experiences in working with Red Mountain Press.
Private Eye Confidential: Stories from a Real P.I.
(99: The Press, 2017)
By Mike Spencer 
"Say good-bye to worn-out shamus cliches like trench coats and saps, and say hello to the real deal, PI Mike Spencer, who takes you on a Private Eye Confidential tour of those mean streets with humor, insight, and grit." - Colleen Collins
Hapless Males
(Ithuriel's Spear, 2017)
By Richard Schwarzenberger 
  "Schwarzenberger is the most companionable narrator, delivering the news with an amused drawl in wonderful prose, detailed and free, compact and leisurely." - Robert Glück
My Lai
(Cardboard House Press, 2017)
By Liz Henry (Translator), Carmen Berenguer 
"A dizzying, quickening, rhythmic and hallucinatory text. As with all Carmen Berenguer's writing, MY LAI is a design for remembering, radical and inventive. A story of orphans, of ruffians, of authors and empresses, a hybridity of prose and poetry, of quotes and autofictional memoir; it is the tale of a picaresque, centered in the 70s." - Francine Masiello
Come As You Are
(Anomalous Press, 2017)
By E. Kristin Anderson, Editor 
"COME AS YOU ARE is a collection of poetry and short prose celebrating 90s pop culture. With work from Francesca Lia Block, Allison Joseph, Chen Chen, Danez Smith, Stephanie Kuehnert, and others, this anthology is nostalgia, remembrance, and protest."
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