SPD is proud to announce that National Book Award winner, Daniel Borzutzky has also won the 2017 National Translation Award in Poetry for his translation of Galo Ghigliotto's Valdivia - many congratulations to him and his publisher, co-im-press
(co-im-press, 2016)
By Daniel Borzutzky (Trans.), Galo Ghigliotto
What spirits lurk beneath the surface of Valdivia's Calle-Calle River or loiter under the arches of the Pedro de Valdivia Bridge in southern Chile? Galo Ghigliotto's VALDIVIA answers these questions and others by intertwining memories of disaster and tragedy-personal, political, and natural-to recreate and relive each anew in unforgettably vivid poetry. Set in a city rich with history and mythology, VALDIVIA reveals a Necropastoral Chile-by evoking the threatening natural environment that bore the devastation of the most powerful earthquake on record and the state-sponsored violence of recent Chilean political history. In his introduction to the translation, Ghigliotto, a student of the great Chilean poet Raúl Zurita, states, "Over time, I discovered that there are things in this book that I did not know were there, but there they are. I am there, yes. VALDIVIA is, too, but Chile is there as well, and the emblem of Chile is violence. [.] It is a tragic country, where legends exist because there is always something dark and evil creating them somewhere." With Ghigliotto's VALDIVIA, Daniel Borzutzky continues the urgent and necessary work of translating contemporary Chilean poets as he deftly Englishes Ghiglotto's verses, full of the shadowy figures and images of legend that plague the city and the psychological memoryscapes that haunt the poet. 
Words from the American Literary Translators Association judges: In Valdivia, a haunting fusion of history, dreamscape, and memory, Chilean Galo Ghigliotto's speaker offers a complex vision of his provincial birth city as the site of famous battles, a devastating 1960 earthquake (with its ensuing floods), and eerie, otherworldly phenomena amid the scenario of domestic violence that plagued his own family. Written as a series of forty-three poems tellingly presented out of sequence, Valdivia serves as a sort of poetic catharsis for these afflictions which, embedded in reality, can scarcely pull clear of the imagination. Daniel Borzutzky vividly renders this melding of fact, fiction, and the vagaries of recollection in a lucid and precise English. 
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