We at SPD are sad to announce the recent passing of inimitable Pressed Wafer Books publisher Bill Corbett, whose tireless work as a small press publisher benefited all those around him, particularly the writers, booksellers and publishing professionals who had the pleasure of collaborating with him. Our hearts are with those who knew and love him. 
In celebration of his life and work, we're putting the full Pressed Wafer catalogue on sale at a deep discount:
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Here are some of SPD's favorite Pressed Wafer titles just to get you started... 
(Pressed Wafer, 2018)
By Clark Coolidge 
What is a poet? Pressed Wafer is proud to present the fruits of Coolidge's ruminations: a 310-page serial poem, the bulk of which was written between 2014 and 2016, titled POET and dedicated to Meltzer. "I give instructions in my poems / you must follow them to the ends of / tura lura independence platform / forget any leaden attempts along the way / this is fortissimo serious / there'll be no popcorn." Luckily for us, "fortissimo serious" means altogether too exuberant to pay bashful court to the muse. These delightful-and frequently hilarious-meditations on the ontologically precarious condition of poethood could only have been written by someone who has spent a lifetime productively writing and reading poems-someone, moreover, who is as uninterested in self-regard as they are in penning a lifeless line. Coolidge follows the direction of the music, keeping his poems just beyond him but within reach. "The poet steps to the beat of his own length." And his pearls of advice are beyond price: "won't get far with a title like / Heaven's Penis." You have been warned!  

Slouching Toward Utopia

(Pressed Wafer, 2018)
By George Scialabba
Samuel Moyn has called George Scialabba "a national treasure of long standing" and "our preeminent chronicler of American public intellectuals," and says that "this new collection of his inimitable essays and reviews is one every serious reader needs." Art Goldhammer calls SLOUCHING TOWARD UTOPIA "a collection of elegant, erudite, eminently humane meditations...that illuminate these dark days of the Republic with admirable intellectual rigor. [Scialabba's] is a quiet voice that needs to be heard above the raucous cacophony that dominates our public space." In his Foreword to SLOUCHING TOWARD UTOPIA, Jedediah Purdy praises Scialabba for writing "lucidly about benightedness, vividly about purblindness, so that his essays and reviews show thought as a thing possible in a world that can seem a conspiracy against sense and reason."

The Wages

(Pressed Wafer, 2018)
By Fanny Howe
"Fanny Howe's novel [based on a true story] has the clarity and concision and the narrative force of a fable... And like all good fables, it's endlessly complicated, a deceptively simple story wrapped in racial, historical, and economic ironies...It tells us that America's originating sin is the profit-making entanglement of race and slavery, whose tainted return, both economic and spiritual, is still being paid out today."-Russell Banks  

The Public Gardens: Poems and History

(Pressed Wafer, 2011)
By Linda Norton
"THE PUBLIC GARDENS is a brilliant, wonderful book, a sort of a wild institution, intense and readable. Linda Norton looks at the world like a dog who likes to tear apart couches-repressed but not for long. Though full of shame, this book is shameless. A life is freely divulged as are the multitude of homeopathic bits from the author's reading list. The overall experience of moving through THE PUBLIC GARDENS's shuttling prose and poetry is quietly breathtaking. I have felt and learned much from this book! Her 'Gardens' are both organized and entirely disorderly-anything and anyone from any point in history might saunter through, and that's the meaning of public isn't it? I find myself loving this writer's mind, light touch, and generous heart and I, reader, didn't want to go when it was done. My bowl is out. More!"-Eileen Myles  


(Pressed Wafer, 2003)
By Benjamin Friedlander 
"I was born a year after Wieners' first collection was published, The Hotel Wentley Poems, and can't vouch for the accuracy of that book's depiction of 1950s bohemian life. Access may not be the right word anyhow to describe what it takes to read this poet. Dramatic to a fault, Wieners' work stages a gaudy spectacle of life: stages, and thus maintains at a distance. Identify? The poet as actor seduces and evades identification all at once. Seduces, by arousing sympathy, awe, desire. Evades, by remaining mysteriuos, out of reach, a trick of anxious language."-from LOSS  


(Pressed Wafer, 2002)
By Del Ray Cross
"somebody's welding/a bus to the/black sky//I'd crumble too/if I/were that sky//somebody's building/a skyscraper/disco//bang bang/bang//a cigarette/a sneeze at 7:10//listen to how/the world shakes" (from "the bus poems").  

We All Shat in a Diaper Pail

(Pressed Wafer, 2017)
By Mary Jane Dean
"She was always a pretty good kid."-Sarah Dean


Quit the Race

(Pressed Wafer, 2017)
By Jonathan Strong

"Since the late 1960s, Jonathan Strong has been writing quietly brilliant novels that bring ordinary people to life with extraordinary care...The most recent addition to his impressive body of work is QUIT THE RACE, the story of a loving long-term couple weighing the best interests of their relationship against the desire of each to live the life he wants...Strong uses this drama to explore the nature of love and compromise, the longing to connect, and the need for independent identity and control. In doing so, he makes this intensely intimate novel a work of universal relevance that is both moving and profound."-Stephen McCauley
Girl in Everytime
(Pressed Wafer, 2011)
By Sharon Howell 
GIRL IN EVERYTIME is two serial poems that stretch the form in layout to achieve new musical effects and meaning. It's not a stretch to say that Howell's work descends from Jack Spicer's.  

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