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This month, we're excited to feature Lavender Ink / Diálogos, founded in 1995 in New Orleans and devoted to literatures which have cross-cultural significance, primarily but not exclusively literature in translation. It is envisioned, too, that such work will often have a political component. 

Exemplaray of the great work done by this press, the following featured titles are: 

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Fuel and Fire: Selected Poems 1956-1976
(Dialogos / Lavender Ink, 2018)
By Julia Leverone (Translator), Francisco Urondo 
Francisco "Paco" Urondo, journalist and militant, used his poetry to witness and denounce the suppressive Argentine state that unrolled its dirty war in the 1970s. FUEL AND FIRE, a selection produced between 1956 and 1976, the year Urondo was assassinated, is subversive poetry, written with humility and humor and accusation and lament. It places blame on an ignorant public, but hope in the hands of individuals who can give themselves over to love.  

Exile Home

(Lavender Ink, 2019)
By Mark Statman
"It's very rare to watch the birth of a new style. It's like watching through a new set of Proust's kaleidescopes. Mark Statman has been working for years on a vision of himself and parts of the city-concentrated and bare as any poetry. It's hard to compare it to anything else." - David Shapiro 


(Lavender Ink, 2018)
By Rodger Kamenetz
This collection of prose poems from the author of The History of Last Night's Dream, The Jew in the Lotus and To Die Next To You brims with respect for the genre, with homages to forebears from Baudelaire to Max Jacob, Russel Edson to Kafka.



(Dialogos / Lavender Ink, 2019)
By Alexis Levitin (Translator), Salgado Maranhao
"Alexis Levitin's translation of the Afro-Brazilian poet Salgado Maranhão succeeds in negotiating the quirky experimental richness of Maranhão's Pre-Columbian, Amazonian, and Yoruba influences with his traditional rhymed lyrics and jazz-like syncopations. Levitin skillfully alerts us to the presence of a complex and offbeat poet whose work merits a wide audience." - Colette Inez


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