Well, Tom Raworth was an poet of epic proportions. Born in South London in 1938, The Poetry Foundation writes that he was a writer, artist, teacher, and publisher who was instrumental in bringing an entire tradition of American poetry to English readers. Promoting the work of a number of poets associated with the Black Mountain School, including Edward DornRobert Creeley, and Charles Olson, Raworth also published the poetry of Elaine Feinstein, Aram SaroyanAnselm Hollo, and Zoltan Farkas.

John Olson has noted that in Raworth’s work “words and lines are highly compressed: one perception immediately and directly slides to a further perception, and these perceptions accrue, multiply, ricochet and expand into a domain of accelerated cognition protean and variable as cumulonimbus, or gouache.” Since his passing in 2017, he has been sorely missed.

This month, we hope to honor his work by finding it more readers!

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Clean & Well Lit: Selected Poems 1987-1995
(Roof Books, 1996)
By Tom Raworth

" With the fastest line in the west, Raworth's flickering, disconsolate, syntactically restless, lilting, often angry, almost balletic poems resist habitual thought at every break, rekindling animate social consciousness. There is no better introduction to Raworth than CLEAN & WELL LIT."—Charles Bernstein

(The Post-Apollo Press, 1999)
By Tom Raworth

"This book illuminates with its own black light -- 'moving explosion ... shadows of pure colour ... blank cartoons nerves of speed/ dissolving scars ...' As always, Raworth's poetry is full of humor and rage and love and utmost vocal precision -- Joan Retallack

(O Books, 2000)
By Tom Raworth

"Tom Raworth's lines are passing near the black hole/in ordinary flat space radically estranging the visual field by jumping time. Also included in this edition is the complete text of WRITING, long out of print. Robert Creeley has said about Raworth: [He] is the one who's truly most interesting to me in England at the moment. I'm fascinated by what he's doing. He's an extraordinary poet."

(Edge Books, 2001)
By Tom Raworth

"This reprint of one of Raworth's most well-received works includes "Bolivia: Another End of Ace," as well as drawings by Barry Hall only seen in the very limited British edition. In the early 1970s Ted Berrigan wrote of him: "When I read the best of Tom Raworth's poems, I feel proud. They are a human accomplishment, a poet's.""

Caller and Other Pieces
(Edge Books, 2007)
By Tom Raworth

"CALLER AND OTHER PIECES is Raworth's first collection since his Collected Poems of 2003. Comprised of 14 pieces with the long poem "Caller" at its center, this book evinces a striking formal and tonal variety—from the classic Raworth rhythmic and roving perceptual matrix, to the comedic one-liner, to the parodic end-rhyme, the visual, and even a bit of nouveau-zaum. CALLER AND OTHER PIECES again demonstrates that Tom Raworth's accomplishment is essential to the poetry of our time."

Structure from Motion
(Edge Books, 2015)
By Tom Raworth

"Tom Raworth's STRUCTURE FROM MOTION is comprised of work composed from 2010-2014, with additional material from the privately printed booklet Incomprehensible Things (Lulu, 2003), and one poem from 1969. Playful, political, and rhythmically immediate, STRUCTURE FROM MOTION is that rare accomplishment—an avant-garde page-turner. This book demonstrates once again the primacy of his work for our time."

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