Consider Giving Us a Little <3

We know, Giving Tuesday is super annoying. But our pitch is simple! We work hard to get books from small publishers to our warehouse, and eventually, to readers just like you.

In fact, it happens just like this:

As superstar warehouse worker Liam writes - "I figure, after a while, most folks in the book biz don't feel "precious" about books. You lose that awe when you've seen so many come and go, had to cart them by the hundreds, had a stack slip or smack you in the face, seen them returned, sticky for some reason or mauled by Amazon conveyor belts.

But there's still something special about the SPD warehouse - the old magic still works. It smells like books - I mean, duh - and everywhere you look there's chapbooks, short stories, manifestos, 2019 and 1979, big stars and scene heroes, all together. For 50 years, SPD hasn't stopped caring about all these books, these presses, these voices. The work isn't precious, it's an honor."

It may be humble work, but it's work that can only happen with your support.

Consider making a contribution to us today. 

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