Best of the Press
**This offer is for SPD publishers ONLY**
For $95 your title can be part of the SPD "Best of the Press" feature.  Just contact to see if a given month is available, and sign up! The $95 will be charged to your publisher account AFTER the promotion runs.  
Every month ten (10) "Best of the Press" titles will be featured on the home page via the upper/center icon box:
  Clicking that icon box will link to a list of 10 titles. 
  All 10 will be offered at 30% off from SPD's site:
Each title in this special marketing program will ALSO be featured in a 1/3 page (column) print ad running in Publishers Weekly the same month, usually placed across from the poetry reviews.  The exact design has yet to be finalized, but these ads will look a lot like the "Bestseller" PW ads we have been running successfully for the last year:

 To sign up your title for "Best of the Press" contact and inquire about available months.
For now, this promotion is limited to 1 slot per press.  
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