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Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, Host Publications is dedicated to bringing English-speaking readers the best in literature from around the world through inspired translations, bilingual poetry editions and exciting writing from the United States.

Host Publications is committed to identifying prominent authors and their works and bringing these to U. S. readers, many in English for the first time.

Host Publications is committed to identifying prominent authors and their works and bringing these to U. S. readers, many in English for the first time.
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Fifty Odes | Pablo Neruda
Fifty Odes
Pablo Neruda
George Schade, Translator 

"These translations have the same fizziness, the same
physical excitement that Pablo Neruda has"
--Alastair Reade 
Nicanor Parra
Dave Oliphant, Translator 
Winner of the 2011 Texas Institute of Letters
Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award
for Best Translation of a Book.
Ashes in Love | Oscar Hahn
Oscar Hahn
James Hoggard, Translator
"...magnificient and truly original...
the most personal I've read in the poetry of our language in a long time."
--Mario Vargas Llosa


Assembly | Novica Tadic
Novica Tadic
Steven Teref & Maja Teref, Translators  
"These poems are like snapshots of details from
the Apocalypse panel of Hieronymus Bosch's
Garden of Earthly Delights"
--Clayton Eshleman

Bela-Wenda | Mutombo Nkulu-N'sengha
Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha
Marcela Malek Sulak, Translator
...a playful and musical journey into the human condition
in the age of globalization...
Demarcations | Jean Follain
Jean Follain
Kurt Heinzelman, Translator 
Winner of the Grand Prix de Poésie
de l'Académie Française and one of the
seminal French poets of his day

The Five Seasons of Love | Joao Almino
Joao Almino 
Elizabeth Jackson, Translator
Winner of the Casa de las Americas 2003 Literary Award
this is an extraordinary novel by a writer
at the height of his powers.
Fourteen Female Voices From Brazil
Various Translators.
11 stories, 3 plays and 19 poems
that open the door to 14 unique perspectives
on life, art and love.
from unwritten histories | Eugenijus Alisanka
Eugenijus Alisanka
H. L. Hix, Translator
"...from unwritten histories gives voice to identity and experience"
-Kristie Kachler, Boston Review
The Five Seasons of Love | Joao Almino
Alfred Leslie
Where else can you find Aristophanes, John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara,
Terry Southern, Derek Walcott, Kenneth Koch, Fidel Castro
and a whole lot more between the same covers?
This single-issue review from 1960 still thrills!
Indian Tango | Ananda Devi
Ananda Devi 
Jean Anderson, Translator
Finalist in 2011
Foreward Magazine Award
for Literary, Adult Fiction
Life As It Is | Nelson Rodrigues
Nelson Rodrigues 
Alex Ladd, Translator
Nelson Rodrigues (1912 -1980) is considered by many
to be Brazil's greatest playwright.
Here are 58 of his stories, available
for the first time in English.
Over Autumn Rooftops | Hai Zi
Hai Zi
Dan Murphy, Translator
Hai Zi (1964-1989) is considered
one of the most important Chinese poets
of the twentieth century.
Poncia Vicencio | Conceicao Evaristo
Conceicao Evaristo 
Paloma Martinez-Cruz, Translator
A mystical story of family, dreams and hope
by the most talented chronicler
of Afro-Brazilian life writing today.
Potato Tree | James Sallis
James Sallis
These 41 stories
are Sallis at his edgiest,
most indefinable best.
Seven Views of the Same Landscape | Esther Tusquets
Barbara F. Ichiishi, Translator
A beautiful collection of coming-of-age tales
that unfold in post-Civil War Barcelona
The Rest is Jungle and Other Stories
Mario Benedetti
Harry Morales, Translator
Mario Benedetti (1920-2009) is regarded as
one of Latin America's most important twentieth-century
writers and one of Uruguay's most revered writers.
The Poems of Vikram Babu | Jesus Aguado
Jesus Aguado
Electa Arenal and Beatrix Gates, Translators
In this uniquely provocative collection,
award-winning Spanish poet Jesus Aguado
adopts the voice of Vikram Babu,
a seventeenth century Indian mystic and basket-weaver.
With Everything We've Got: A Personal Anthology of Yiddish Poetry
Richard J Fein, Editor
Richard J. Fein introduces English-speaking audiences
to some of the most poignant and passionate voices
of the twentieth century.
Women and Clothes | Brigitte Kronauer
Brigitte Kronauer
Jutta Ittners, Translator
Brigitte Kronauer (b. 1940) is one of Germany's
most highly acclaimed contemporary writers.
These stories are unified around a single motif.
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