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Soberscove Press seeks to publish art-related material that is difficult to access and/or that fills a gap in the literature. By "difficult to access," we mean material whose audience is primarily limited to specialists because it is in archives, not in translation, out-of-print, and/or whose readership is limited due to the demands of peer-review scholarly publishing. Soberscove is also eager to engage with artists in the production of artists' books that fit with our list.

Upcoming titles include a series of artists' board books, a book about a late 60s/early 70s pedagogical experiment at UC-Irvine; and an 1895 series of essays on sculpture by British writer and critic Edmund Gosse.
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Scott Burton: Collected Writings
"No afunctional act can really be anything but symbolic, but it is compelling to see, at least, the continuing dilation of art's limits, to watch the quotation marks get further and further apart."
--Scott Burton, from the introduction
to the ground-breaking 1969 exhibition
Live in your Head: When Attitudes Become Form
Subject Matter of the Artist: Writings...
Subject Matter of the Artist:
Writings by Robert Goodnough, 1950-1965
"While each artist acted as an individual and had more or less
his own direction, there was a strong group spirit....
I mention this optimistic spirit because that is what I most clearly recall from those years."

-Robert Goodnough, writing in 1965
about the late 40s/early 50s in New York
Collective Actions
Yelena Kalinsky, Editor
"Much time has passed by now, and it is interesting to try to think
of what it was that you experienced back then. I am now remembering
what I actually remember, and not the things that I would wish to recall
or any other secondary details."
-Ilya Kabakov, in a recollection of three actions from the late 70s


Artists' Sessions at Studio 35
"I would consider a work finished when I sense a 'togetherness,'
a participation of all parts as in an organism. If successful,
the work starts to live a life of its own, a work of art begins to work."
-Ibram Lassaw, from the first session on April 21, 1950

The Waldorf Panels on Sculpture (1960)
"One thing that annoys me is the status as an appendage to painting,
that has been given to sculpture by Baudelaire in this time, and by certain
critics today. I resent this. Although we are conscious of what is going on,
that has nothing to do with our work."

-James Rosati from the first panel on February 17, 1965
Henry at Home
Nancy Shaver
" houses have taught me about looking. [They] have been laboratories
where I've had visual encounters that I wouldn't have had any other way.
Henry comes out of that experience."
-Nancy Shaver on Henry, her store in Hudson, NY
Kristin Lucas
"So you have changed your name to exactly what it was before
in the spirit of refreshing yourself as though you were a web page."
-a Superior Court of California judge to Kristen Lucas
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