Staff Picks (May 2019) 

  Omg, we love small press books! And these are some of our favorites. Now they can be some of your favorites too...if they aren't already. Be sure to check in every month for a new handful to add to your reading many lists.
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 goodnight, marie, may god... | marie buck | roof books
recommended by 
e. conner 

Marie Buck grapples with residual angst after an alternative adolescence, various early 2000's period specific body modifications, eggs, debt, and violence in these pages. Happier but possibly more fraught subjects include dicks that are being rubbed and there's fluid everywhere. Her cat shows up and her boyfriend too.

This is a good book to give your crush if your goal is to impress, endear, and still be a little bit aloof.

 marnie | connie scozzaro | krupskaya
recommended by 
Jane Gregory 

If the ugly real has an aggro ear, MARNIE is its better mirror. If something about mid-late spring is kind of hell, and it is, take for my May staff pick this radically beautiful book, full of feelings and smarts and feelings that smart, like so: "but something not right / not real nor / unreal, a realer catastrophe / not beautiful but something / so beautiful / it became all I could think..." I think it would be great to read this book on a lake or borrowed pool, floating on one of those garish swans. No matter. MARNIE will hold you wherever you read it, recognize all of us "suckers drinking infinity in this / prick lake called pain." Oh and also, it just might break your <3.

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