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SPD's Handpicked Titles for September, 2015
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Praise for White Light:
"A relentless engine, told in rich, smart prose and lucid detail-equal parts elegy and portrait of an artist. A lush, vibrant portrayal of the creative process, a daughter's love, and the unstoppable maelstrom of grief."-Kirkus, starred review

Praise for Benediction:
"...seeks to establish or continue no tradition except one that literally can't exist-- the celebration of the singular thought sung at a particular instant in a unique voice-- and it seems she's getting closer to it all the time."-The New York Times
Praise for Seven Against Thebes:
"There is a spiritual muscularity in the language of Aeschylus that Tipton has managed to capture... One gets the feeling that Tipton has heeded the advice of Aristotle and placed this play 'before his eyes,' speaking each line as it is created." - Peter Meineck
Praise for Site Cite City: Selected Prose Works 1999-2012:
"...a text as mysterious and entertaining as it is activist and knowledgeable. An invaluable contribution to everything."-Renee Gladman
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