~*SPD Celebrates Black History Month!*~ 
 We at SPD are so proud to carry some of the best African American, small press literature around. From insurrectionist to empathetic, uncompromising to beautiful, we celebrate all of it this month along with our incredible authors - and remain ever-grateful for this crucial work.
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(1913 Press, 2017)
By Aisha Sabatini Sloan

(BookThug, 2017)
By M. NourbeSe Philip
(YesYes Books, 2017)
By Khadijah Queen
(City Lights Publishers, 2017)
By Tongo Eisen-Martin
(Shade Mountain Press, 2018)
By Kirsten Imani Kasai
(BOAAT Press, 2017)
 By Brionne Janae
(Gramma Poetry, 2017)
By Anastacia Renee

(Black Radish Books, 2017)
By Anastacia Renee
(City Lights Publishers, 2017)
By Mumia Abu-Jamal
Black Peculiar
(Noemi Press, 2011)
By Khadijah Queen 
(Wolfman Books, 2017)
By Ryanaustin Dennis, editor
(Nomadic Press, 2017)
By Fisayo Adeyeye
(Nomadic Press, 2017)
By Ayodele Nzinga
(Subpress, 2017)
By Denize Lauture
(Lost Roads Publishers, 1994)
By Kamau Brathwaite
Reverie: Midwest African American Literature 2010 Annual
(Aquarius Press, 2010)
By Randall Horton, Patricia Biela & Qiana Towns, Eds 
(Miami University Press, 2005)
By Keith Tuma, Ed. 
(House of Nehesi Publishers, 2014)
By Amiri Baraka
(House of Nehesi Publishers, 2007)
By Amiri Baraka
(Red Letter Press, 2003)
By Nancy Reiko Kato 

(Octopus Books, 2017)
By Simone John
(RedBone Press, 2017)
By Ana-Maurine Lara
A Hunger Called Music (A Verse History Of Black Music)
(C&R Press, 2016)
By Meredith Nnoka 
(Dorothy, A Publishing Project, 2017)
By Renee Gladman
(Wave Books, 2017)
By Renee Gladman
(Mawenzi House/TSAR Publishers, 2017)
By Edem Awumey
(C&R Press, 2017)
By Earl Braggs
(Spout Press, 2017)
By J. Otis Powell
(Small Doggies Press, 2017)
By Robert Lashley
(Birds, LLC, 2017)
By Lauren Hunter
(Deerbrook Editions, 2017)
By Timothy Ogene
(The Mantle, 2017)
By Stanley Gazemba
(Awst Press, 2017)
By Vida Cross
(Nightboat Books, 2017)
by Duriel E. Harris
Happy You Are Here
(The Word Works, 2016)
By Ayaz Pirani 
(Fence Books, 2017)
By Harmony Holiday
(Hanging Loose Press, 2017)
By Jorge Velasco Mackenzie (tr. Rob Gunther)
(Nightboat Books, 2017)
By Samiya Bashir
(Nightboat Books, 2017)
By Rosamond S. King
(Eyewear Publishing, 2017)
By David Masciotra 
(Monster House Press, 2017)
By Anais Duplan

(Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016)
By Anais Duplan
Kunuar: Poetic Impressions of Angola
(Pleasure Boat Studio, 2016)
By Luisa Coelho 
(Mayapple Press, 2016)
By Allison Joseph 
(Chax Press, 2017)
By Will Alexander 
(Oyster Moon Press, 2016)
Will Alexander and Carlos Lara
(Litmus Press, 2014)
By Will Alexander
(City Lights Publishers, 2011)
Will Alexander
(Chax Press, 2011)
By Will Alexander

 (Oyster Moon Press, 2011)
By Will Alexander 
(Aunt Lute Books, 2006)
By Audre Lorde 
(Mayapple Press, 2009)
By Allison Joseph
(Aunt Lute Books, 1996)
By Alice Walker
(Aunt Lute Books, 2006)
By Cherry Muhanji

(Aunt Lute Books, 1993)
By Asha Kanwar, Ed.

(Aunt Lute Books, 1985)
By Ellen Kuzwayo
(The Operating System, 2016)
By JP Howard
 music for mussolini
(Nomadic Press, 2016)
By nick johnson
 Black Pearl
(Nomadic Press, 2016)
By Arisa White
(Anomalous Press, 2016)
By Pia Deas
The Dear Remote Nearness of You
(Barrow Street Press, 2016)
By Danielle Legros Georges 
Handholding: 5 Kinds
(Kore Press, 2016)
By Tracie Morris 
Someone Took They Tongues
(Subito Press, 2016)
By Douglas Kearney 
(Wave Books, 2016)
By Tyehimba Jess 
By My Precise Haircut
(The Word Works, 2016)
By Cheryl Clarke 
Leaving CLE
poems of nomadic dispersal

(Miami University Press, 2016)
By Janice A Lowe 
  The Service Porch
(Letter Machine Editions, 2016)
By Fred Moten
Hughson's Tavern
(Leon Works, 2008)
By Fred Moten 
The Feel Trio
(Letter Machine Editions, 2014)
By Fred Moten 
The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study
(Autonomedia, 2013)
By Stefano Harney and Fred Moten 
Mess And Mess And
(Noemi Press, 2015)
By Douglas Kearney
Sympathetic Little Monster
(Ricochet Editions, 2016)
By Cameron Awkward-Rich
Into that Heaven of Freedom
(Mawenzi House/TSAR Publishers, 2016)
By Mohamed M. Keshavjee 
Blues Triumphant
(YesYes Books, 2016)
By Jonterri Gadson 
i be, but i ain't
(YesYes Books, 2016)
By Aziza Barnes 
Third Voice
(Tupelo Press, 2016)
By Ruth Ellen Kocher 
Book of The Dead
(House of Nehesi Publishers, 2016)
By Lasana M Sekou 
Of Being Dispersed
(Futurepoem Books, 2016)
By Simone White 
(Livingston Press, 2016)
By Gray Stewart 
Blue Hallelujahs
(Black Lawrence Press, 2016)
By Cynthia Manick 
 A Love Supreme
(NYQ Books, 2016)
By Professor Arturo
Potted Meat
(Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2016)
By Steven Dunn 
(Bull City Press, 2016)
By Tiana Clark 
Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative, Series VI
(The Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2016)
By G Corso, J Grahn, BL Hawkins & T Joans 
Organize Your Own: The Politics and Poetics of Self-Determination Movements
(Soberscove Press, 2016)
By Anthony Romero, Editor 
(Awst Press, 2016)
By Donald Edem Quist 
Evolutionary Heart
(Nomadic Press, 2016)
By Nazelah Jamison 
Profeta Without Refuge
(Nomadic Press, 2016)
By Raina J Leon 
(Aquarius Press/Willow Books, 2016)
By Mahogany L Browne
One Man Dancing
(Inanna Publications, 2016)
By Patricia Keeney
The Complete Works of Pat Parker
(A Midsummer Night's Press, 2016)
By Pat Parker 
The Sound of Things to Come
(The Mantle, 2016)
By Emmanuel Iduma 
You're The Most Beautiful Thing That Happened
(Augury Books, 2016)
By Arisa White 
Electric Fences
(Mawenzi House/TSAR Publishers, 2016)
By Gugu Hlongwane
(Aquarius Press/AUXmedia, 2016)
By H. Buchanan 
Between Red & Green: Narrative of the Black Brigade
(Dos Madres Press, 2016)
By Tyrone Williams 
Buck Studies
(Fence Books, 2016)
By Douglas Kearney 
What Are We Not For
(Bull City Press, 2016)
By Tommye Blount 
How Her Spirit Got Out
(Aforementioned Productions, 2016)
By Krysten Hill 
(Saturnalia Books, 2017)
By Cortney Lamar Charleston 
Positive/Negative: Women of Color and HIV/AIDS: A Collection of Plays
(Aunt Lute Books, 2002)
By Imani Harrington and Chyrell D. Bellamy, eds 
Homing Instincts/Querencias
(Cubanabooks, 2014)
By Nancy Morejon 
California Winter League
(Unicorn Press, 2015)
By Chiyuma Elliott 
de book of Mary
(Mawenzi House/TSAR Publishers, 2015)
By Pamela Mordecai 
Hook: A Memoir
(Augury Books, 2015)
By Randall Horton 
Fugue Meadow
(Ricochet Editions, 2015)
By Keith Jones 
Fearful Beloved
(Argos Books, 2015)
By Khadijah Queen 
We Are All Blue
(The Mantle, 2016)
By Donald Molosi 
Motswana: Africa, Dream Again
(The Mantle, 2016)
By Donald Molosi 
 Blue, Black and White
(The Mantle, 2016)
By Donald Molosi
(Litmus Press, 2015)
By Khadijah Queen
(Atelos, 2011)
By Tyrone Williams 
(Krupskaya, 2002)
By Tyrone Williams 
(Nightboat Books, 2011)
By Dawn Lundy Martin 
Life in a Box is a Pretty Life
(Nightboat Books, 2014)
By Dawn Lundy Martin 
Poems of the Black Object
(Futurepoem Books, 2009)
By Ronaldo V Wilson 
Farther Traveler
(Counterpath Press, 2015)
By Ronaldo V Wilson 
(Belladonna*, 2013)
By LaTasha N Nevada Diggs 
(Belladonna*, 2013)
By r erica doyle 
Time Slips Right Before Your Eyes
(Belladonna*, 2015)
By Erica Hunt 
Local History
(Roof Books, 1994)
By Erica Hunt 
Negro League Baseball
(Fence Books, 2011)
By Harmony Holiday 
Go Find Your Father/A Famous Blues
(Ricochet Editions, 2014)
By Harmony Holiday 
daryl hall is my boyfriend
(Barrelhouse Books, 2015)
By erica lewis 
murmur in the inventory
(Shearsman Books, 2013)
By erica lewis 
Unexplained Presence
(Leon Works, 2007)
By Tisa Bryant 
A Swarm of Bees in High Court
(Belladonna*, 2015)
By Tonya M Foster 
(NYQ Books, 2016)
By Monique Ferrell 
[insert] boy
(YesYes Books, 2014)
By Danez Smith 
someone's dead already
(Bootstrap Press, 2015)
By Tongo Eisen-Martin 
The Shining Material
(BookThug, 2011)
By Aisha Sasha John
(BookThug, 2014)
By Aisha Sasha John 
(Wave Books, 2016)
By Renee Gladman 
Event Factory
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2010)
By Renee Gladman 
The Ravickians
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2011)
By Renee Gladman 
Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge
(Dorothy, a publishing project, 2013)
By Renee Gladman 
In the Life: A Black Gay Anthology
(RedBone Press, 2007)
By Joseph Beam, Editor
Other People's Comfort Keeps Me Up at Night
(Switchback Books, 2015)
By Morgan Parker 
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