We're proud to announce that three of SPD's beloved authors Rita Bullwinkel, Jamie Mortara and Chelsey Minnis have each been recognized with 2018 Believer Book Award honors.
(A Strange Object, 2018)
By Rita Bullwinkel
"Bullwinkel's stories are fantastic and fabulist feats that (often) address our messy, cumbersome bodies in thrilling and imaginative ways. For example: in lieu of a bra, a man is hired to support a daughter's breasts; a woman whose plastic surgeon, when fixing her eyes, leaves her with a turkey neck (not literally but); twin brothers Gleb and Oleg, surgeon and sculptor, live in a prison infirmary and perform a thumb transplant. A compelling new voice."-Anne Yoder, The Millions
Baby, I Don't Care
(Wave Books, 2018)
By Chelsey Minnis
Poetry. Chelsey Minnis's new collection of poems follows the struggle of a flawed character in a cinematic world. Playing with old ideas of wealth and love from Hollywood's golden era, these poems flirt with nostalgia without ever succumbing to it, casting a new light on the present through the fantasies of the past.
(YesYes Books, 2018)
By jamie mortara 
Trauma fills every room of the house. Mania lights that house on fire while Depression and Addiction sit and watch. jamie mortara's second collection, GOOD MORNING AMERICA I AM HUNGRY AND ON FIRE, emerges from a childhood strangle of toxic masculinity and an adulthood marked by failure to find love that might be safer. Mortara stands at the intersection of "traditional" cis queerness and their own non-binary transgender identity. In order to survive, they leave home behind, they walk into the woods to find a new nest, they learn to love the strange animal they always were.  
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