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 selected titles from our Fall catalogue

The Odd Years
(Wendy's Subway, 2020)
By Morgan Bassichis

"Every Monday in 2017 and 2019, comedic performance artist Morgan Bassichis created a to-do list. THE ODD YEARS is a collection of those lists, which served both as a way to generate material for live performances and as a place to archive the logistical, emotional, and political business that just kept piling up throughout this two-year project. A record of routine and impossible tasks—some completed and others left unfinished—THE ODD YEARS is one response to the oddness of times in which intensified crisis becomes ordinary."

(Wendy's Subway / CCS Bard, 2020)
By Sky Hopinka, edited by Julie Niemi

"PERFIDIA is a collection of writings by Sky Hopinka. Presented in a series of numbered cantos, each brief text swirls together to form an image of multiple territories that bid us remember: the past has come and gone, and the future can be glimpsed through traces of nostalgic mythos. What anchors the writing are memories of places inhabited by people, and language wrapped around experiences of being together. Hopinka's writing exists in tandem with his filmmaking process. Like Hopinka's texts, his films are aesthetically dense pieces of poetry that explore Indigenous identity."

Phone Bells Keep Ringing for Me
(Action Books, 2020)
By Choi Seungja, trans. Won-Chung Kim & Cathy Park Hong 

"This volume selects poems of many decades by one of the most startling, distinctive, and influential feminist voices in contemporary Korean poetry. Against the limits society would erect around her, Choi Seungja's poetry trains a keen attention on everyday objects and situations until loneliness, time, emptiness, love, death and even brief-lived delight glow with uncanny luster. Won-Chung Kim and Cathy Park Hong's translations accentuate the simplicity and boldness of Choi's vision, her perfect aim."

The Age of Discovery
(Tupelo Press, 2020)
By Alan Michael Parker

"Alan Michael Parker's latest collection, THE AGE OF DISCOVERY, is a work of enduring beauty, filled with his signature tenderness and surprise. Parker's interests range from the Psalms to the Internet, from a woman stepping out her window to die to two men trying to learn how to live as they argue in a row-boat. With an eye on some of the greatest love poets (Amichai, Mistral, Neruda), Parker delivers a collection deep in empathy, rigorously attentive, and formally inventive."

(Tupelo Press, 2020)
By Anna Maria Hong

"A hybrid-genre carnivalesque of trauma and rebirth, FABLESQUE harnesses the power of old tales to dispel the disenchantments of women and animals in the #MeToo era."

The Book of Geezer
(Scarlet Tanager Books, 2020)
By John Teton

"A brother and sister in Northern California get derailed from their ambitious career paths in art and science when their obsession with a mysterious elderly neighbor propels them to the inside of the sun and beyond. THE BOOK OF GEEZER puts a literary spin on a rollicking tale of young professionals who get caught up in a mystery far more fantastic than they'd anticipated on the night they sneaked into an overgrown house on an island in the middle of a lake."

Junk City
(Livingston Press, 2020)
By Jon Boilard

"Set in San Francisco, the stories and poems in JUNK CITY are linked by characters and the characters are linked by addiction in one form or another. You'll meet a hard-drinking mail carrier struggling to find deeper meaning when he comes across a suicide on his route; a seasoned city cop trying to make it to retirement before he ends up viral on YouTube; a teenage runaway selling his body for dope; an aging stripper named Eskimo convinced she can turn over a new leaf by getting her poetry chapbook published (and whose poems link the stories). The characters that roam these pages live in a shadowy world, but from time to time slivers of light manage to break through the fog."

A Cerebral Offer
(Livingston Press, 2020)
By Ken Janjigian

"Harry Gnostopolos is frantically trying to keep his beloved indie theater afloat while his frustrated girlfriend implores him to let it go along with his other neuroses. Harry's fate suddenly changes with the arrival of an old bohemian friend and an exotic woman who tempt him with a chance to save the theater and his life. All he has to do is join a subversive cabal of thieves, who have planned a heist that will rewrite history."

Isle of Dogs: Part 1
(Whiskey Tit, 2020)
By Jon Frankel

"It's 2500—proprietary genetic enhancements are ruthlessly guarded by a caste of aristocratic Rulers who preside over the burnt-out husk of American democracy, and the imperious Sargon 3 is on the brink of achieving a lifetime's worth of ambitions: he's the Ruler of New York, master of the US Senate, and mere steps away from the presidency itself. The birth of his cloned successor, Sargon 4, is an occasion for national celebration. But Sargon harbors a potentially deadly secret: an illegal bastard daughter, Phaedra, who was conceived the old-fashioned way—through love. At once a family saga, a sophisticated political thriller, and a briskly paced sci-fi fever dream, ISLE OF DOGS: PART ONE is the most ambitious installment yet in Jon Frankel's acclaimed Drift series (which includes GAHA: Babes of the Abyss and The Man Who Can't Die)."

A New Kind of Country
(Chax Press, 2020)
By Kyle Schlesinger

"Kyle Schlesinger has always written the kinds of poems I want as conversations with the world. I mean, Jesus Christ, look at who he dedicates this book to! Right there is the dinner party for A NEW KIND OF COUNTRY, and I want to be there, even if I have to sit at the kids' table! Read this book, and like me, start all over again! You will ask, as the poet does, 'Which way is America / Sound not a word / Which way is America' and you will listen for it."—CA Conrad

Blackspace: On the Poetics of an Afrofuture
(Black Ocean, 2020)
By Anais Duplan

"Black artists of the avant-garde have always defined the future. BLACKSPACE: ON THE POETICS OF AN AFROFUTURE is the culmination of six years of multidisciplinary research by trans poet and curator Anaïs Duplan about the aesthetic strategies used by experimental artists of color since the 1960s to pursue liberatory possibility. Through a series of lyric essays, interviews with contemporary artists and writers of color, and ekphrastic poetry, Duplan deconstructs how creative people frame their relationships to the word, "liberation." With a focus on creatives who use digital media and language-as-technology—luminaries like Actress, Juliana Huxtable, Lawrence Andrews, Tony Cokes, Sondra Perry, and Nathaniel Mackey—Duplan offers three lenses for thinking about liberation: the personal, the social, and the existential."

The New World
(Black Ocean, 2020)
By Kelly Schirmann

"A hybrid collection of poetry and prose, THE NEW WORLD follows the attempts, failures, and re-attempts at understanding and articulating an era of immense social upheaval, political corruption, and environmental consequence. In five distinct sections, the book refracts, explores and investigates these global themes through the realm of the personal and private. Old journals and notes are revisited as a way of understanding the self and its various revisions and mistakes. THE NEW WORLD tells the story of escapism and arrival, growth and decay, and despair and optimism as they occur, often simultaneously, within the mind of our narrator."

The Dark Heart of Every Wild Thing
(Platypus Press, 2020)
By Joseph Fasano

"A father, a boy, and a mountain lion. If it sounds like the start of a parable, that's because THE DARK HEART OF EVERY WILD THING has wisdom to share. But that wisdom is complicated, surprising, and at times even vicious. What seems at first like a quiet book is actually quite fierce, not unlike the big cat at the center of its story. This elegiac novel is a moving meditation on grief, love, and obsession."—Erica Wright

Swimmers in Winter
(Invisible Publishing, 2020)
By Faye Guenther

"Faye Guenther's writing is fully given over to both the heart and mind. Her clear-eyed observations of the secrets we keep and the confessions we make lend the stories in SWIMMERS IN WINTER uncommon grace and raw beauty. Guenther traces the paths of women in the city, struggling to survive, keep themselves fed and afloat, while also falling hard for each other. In turns sexy and tender, tough and head-swirling, these characters will leave you changed."—Emily Schultz

Same Faces
(Black Square Editions, 2020)
By Albert Mobilio

"Where are the faces of yesteryear? Is one face easier to wear than another? Questions as crucial as these are left unanswered in Albert Mobilio's fifth book of poems. Instead, the vexed relationship between the physical world—it's tactility and "thereness"—and this phantasm we call persona is interrogated. The sound of thinking in these poems is familiar even as it moves through dictions at once terse and oblique, then plaintive and probing. Gestural turns, which are acrobatic, melodic and wry, fashion missives from the breach between what we say and what we mean. "Ah, literature," Mobilio observes "me lifted by thee wrongly.""

Ova Completa
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2020)
By Susana Thenon, trans. Rebekah Smith

"Susana Thénon (1935–1991) is a key poet of the '60s generation in Argentina. In OVA COMPLETA, her final, most radical collection, Thénon's poetics expands to incorporate all it touches—classical and popular culture, lyrics to songs and vulgarities, incoherence and musicality—embodying humor and terror while writing obliquely of femicide, Argentina's last dictatorship, the Malvinas / Falklands war, the heritage of colonialism. Or, as Thénon writes, "me on earth; me with the others; me ignorant, rude, all mixed in Latin, Greek, shit, noodles, culture and barbarism..." OVA COMPLETA is a collection full of stylistic innovation, language play, dark humor, and socio-political insight, now available to English-language readers for the first time."

Runaway Angels
(Mercury House, 2020)
By Philip James Daughtry

"A vivid autobiography, in verse, tracing Philip Daughtry's journey from a Northumbrian coal mining village to a Cree reserve in the Canadian North Woods as a child and young man, onward to Greenwich Village in the late '50s. Heading west, Daughtry worked cattle ranches and ski resort before hitching to San Francisco where he became active in the North Beach poetry scene."

Hang On To The Yangtze River
(Lithic Press, 2020)
By Neeli Cherkovski

"A new collection from Neeli Cherkovski who has spent a lifetime in service to Poetry. More closely than ever the poet explores his life of exhausting hyperactivity. These poems embody the rewards and difficulties of the unfettered energy of a person living with ADD. Forever climbing on Poetry mountain, Cherkovski contemplates the looming abyss and, as the airy summit beckons, he goes on celebrating this existence, every exuberant moment."

The Land Of All Time
(Lithic Press, 2020)
By Clark Coolidge

"THE LAND OF ALL TIME is the latest collection from prolific American poet Clark Coolidge. Whether or not his work is a conscious exploration of consciousness, it is the work of a very serious thinker and writer. And we all know the most serious people can often be the most fun. Reading these wildly imaginative poems is a whale of a good time. Coolidge knows how to create patterns entirely new and that can lead to revised definitions and new meanings. Coolidge's work could lead to solutions for global warming and the many other difficulties facing humanity. At the very least, these poems can comfort us as we go down (if we don't leave the planet first!)."

(Un-Gyve Press, 2020)
By Harry Thomas

"Haiku in English. Sixty-three original poems by Harry Thomas."

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