SPD is proud to announce that Hilda Hilst's Of Death, Minimal Odes is winner of the 2019 Best Translated Book Award, with honors to her brilliant translator, Laura Cesarco Eglin.

  Here's the jury statement on Of Death. Minimal Odes:

"The first collection of Hilda Hilst's poetry to be appear in English, Of Death. Minimal Odes is masterfully translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin. Hilda Hilst's odes are searing, tender blasphemies. One is drawn to Of Death in the way we're drawn to things that might be dangerous. These are poems that lure readers well beyond their best interests, regardless of whatever scars might be sustained. In language that is twisted, animalistic, yet at times plain, Eglin reveals another layer in the work of this Brazilian great."

Of Death. Minimal Odes
(co-im-press, 2018)
By Laura Cesarco Eglin (Translator), Hilda Hilst 
"If life is no more than a prolonged flirtation with death, then Hilda Hilst's OF DEATH. MINIMAL ODES is the true account of a lifelong seduction. It is at once both a reverie and reliquary, as the poet imagines and reimagines that most paradoxical moment of disintegration-the corporeal flesh fusing with death's own dark corpus. With a visceral-mystical poetic voice that is as teasingly unrestrained as it is intellectually sublime, Hilst's odes enact a baroque danse macabre, where the poet revels in the incongruities of simultaneously seeking the sacred and profane. Translating the first collection of Hilda Hilst's significant body of poetry to appear in English, Laura Cescarco Eglin renders the imagery and philosophical complexity of these minimal odes with brio, while preserving the playful tone and lush melodies that mark OF DEATH. MINIMAL ODES as uniquely Hilstian." 
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