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Pulver Maar
(Black Ocean, 2019)
By Zachary Schomburg

from The Stranger | June 19, 2019
"Flip it open and have your mind-state briefly shifted by a story of a frightened piece of dust, an angry plate of pasta, or a house that dreams of being a stand-up comedian." -Joshua James Amberson

[book cover] stage fright
[book cover] & more black
[book cover] precious against a precious thing
[book cover] extratransmission
 [book cover] love three

[book cover] kill class
Kill Class
(Tupelo Press, 2019)
By Nomi Stone

from Los Angeles Review of Books | June 11, 2019
"The book's journey from scenes of fake war to its concluding image of a real massacre shows how violence begins at the level of the word, in the field of language."-Claire Oleson

[book cover] Invasive species
Invasive species
(Nightboat Books, 2019)
By Marwa Helal

from The Brooklyn Rail | June 2019
"Helal destabilizes the language of authority and the state with her assertion of poetry: her stanzas unravel normative notions of nation, linearity, and legibility. They correct, interrupt, and mock silly colonizers who lack many kinds of knowledge. These critical limitations are presented alongside expressions of potential and possibility." -Danilo Machado

[book cover] austerity
What Could Be Saved: Bookmatched Novellas & Stories
(Tupelo Press, 2019)
By Gregory Spatz

from NPR | May 31, 2019
"For readers who love being immersed in the minutiae of a world they would not otherwise is within the human relationships that What Could Be Saved delivers its harmonies." -Martha Anne Toll

 [book cover] stay
[book cover] motion studies
Motion Studies
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2019)
By Jena Osman
from Publishers Weekly | May 20, 2019
Joy of Missing Out
(Birds, LLC, 2018)
By Ana Božičević
from Entropy | May 20, 2019
[book cover]heart like a window, mouth like a cliff
Heart Like A Window, Mouth Like A Cliff
(Noemi Press, 2019)
By Sara Borjas
from The Rumpus | May 10, 2019
[book cover] the warm south
 The Warm South: A Novel
(Roundabout Press, 2019)
By Paul Kerschen
from the LA Times | May 10, 2019
[book cover] the tiniest muzzle sings songs of freedom

(Wave Books, 2019)
By Magdalena Zurawski

from Hyperallergic | May 5, 2019
[book cover] a drink of red mirror
A Drink of Red Mirror
(Action Books, 2019)
By Kim Hyesoon, tr. Jiwon Shin, Lauren Albin, & Sue Hyon Bae
from Tarpaulin Sky | May 3, 2019
[book cover] pet sounds
(Nightboat Books, 2019)
By Stephanie Young
from Open Space | May 2, 2019
[book cover] the alley of fireflies
(The Song Cave, 2019)
By Raymond Roussel, tr. Mark Ford

from The New Yorker | May 2, 2019


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