SPD Publisher Spotlight 

We at SPD have the honor of distributing nearly 400 small presses that help us achieve our mission of increasing access and connection among authors, readers, and communities. Each month, we bring one of these excellent presses into the spotlight so you can learn a little more about them and what they publish. The literary world would be far less diverse, dynamic, and, well, exciting without these presses we love.

October's Publisher Spotlight: Dorothy, a publishing project 

Dorothy, a publishing project, was founded more than a decade ago by Danielle Dutton and Martin Riker, who will be honored this month with CLMP's Golden Colophon Award for Paradigm Independent Publishing. Each fall they release two books that center on fiction, mostly written by women, and their authors include Renee Gladman, Nell Zink, Leonora Carrington, Cristina Rivera Garza, Marguerite Duras, and many more.

Literary Nugget: According to Danielle Dutton, "the press is named after my Great Aunt Dorothy Traver who was a librarian and used to send me books stamped with an owl bookplate (hence our logo)."

During October, we're pleased to offer 20% off Dorothy's Nathalie Léger titles (use code SPOTLIGHT)
 exposition | nathalie leger | dorothy, a publishing project

"Léger's vigorous work consistently satisfies, with ideas crystallizing with the clarity of a photograph."—Publishers Weekly

 the white dress | nathalie leger | dorothy, a publishing project

"THE WHITE DRESS shows Léger doing something new. Her melodious intertwining of another's story with her own recalls her other works, but this is an altogether darker, altogether more unashamedly melancholic exploration."—Charlie Stone, The Arts Desk

 suite for barbara loden | nathalie leger | dorothy, a publishing project

"Here, now, is a remarkable new book that does everything—biography, criticism, film history, memoir, and even fiction, all at once, all out in front...In her combination of the conversational and the incantatory, the fragmentary and the infinite, Léger captures something of [Marguerite] Duras's own tones and moods, yet her approach to Loden and her appreciation of 'Wanda' are entirely her own."—The New Yorker

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