SPD Publisher Spotlight 

We at SPD have the honor of distributing nearly 450 small presses that help us achieve our mission of increasing access and connection among authors, readers, and communities. Each month, we bring one of these excellent presses into the spotlight so you can learn a little more about them and what they publish. The literary world would be far less diverse, dynamic, and, well, exciting without these presses we love.

November's Publisher Spotlight: Game Over Books 

Founded in 2017, Game Over Books is a small Boston-based press run by nerdy artists. Their mission? Print unique books from diverse voices that push creative writing forward into the Next Level. From acceptance to publication, they give continual guidance to emerging writers as they continue to gain experience points, grow their craft, and navigate the world of publishing.

Game Over Books wants to show people that a 40-page poetry collection about Gerard Way as a queer and trans icon has just as much value, and has just as much quality, as New York Times bestsellers, if not more. The press prides itself on being transparent about all aspects of their publishing process and providing authors a much needed entry point into the publishing industry.

Literary Nugget: Four of the staff members, including the editor-in-chief Josh Savory, attended the Bridgewater State University together as part of the English program between 2006-2012. All of them went their own ways for a while before reconnecting with Josh three years ago to help build Game Over Books.

During November, we're pleased to offer 20% off these three Game Over Books titles (use code SPOTLIGHT)
 cut woman | dena igusti | game over books

In a post-colonial world shaped by what is and what will be lost, what is there left to celebrate? In Dena Igusti's debut collection CUT WOMAN, Dena is overwhelmed by the loss of her people. The loss includes but is not limited to: the deaths of Muslims around the world due to xenophobia and Islamophobia; the deaths of Indonesians as a result of post-colonialism, state violence, environmental racism, and overall media negligence due to the world prioritizing white people over her own; the mortality of friends, lovers, and family from economic disparity and gentrification in New York City; the loss of her body that could've been her body if she didn't undergo female genital mutilation. She knows that one day, her time will be up too. Rather than stay in mourning, however, she tries to turn these wakes, both current and future, into the biggest celebrations of her life.

"Dena Igusti is a poet of undying urgency—this is a bold, heart-shattering chapbook debut."—George Abraham

 big feelings | gigi bella | game over books

BIG FEELINGS is a grand tour of love and loss, femininity, and the nuances inherent in the simple messiness of being alive. Bella masterfully works within the ambiguity of feelings that do not ever truly end, of what it feels like to be a ghost within those feelings, and she guides the reader through the origin point of every haunting. She navigates the tragedies of heartbreak, the experience of brown girlhood, the loneliness ingrained within artists, and the courage it takes to get back up again even when it feels like you have already died many times before. With compassion and much needed humor, BIG FEELINGS allows us the necessary space to be alone with one another.

"This book is as tender as it is fierce, and will be opened like a gift by the hearts of so many."—Andrea Gibson

 the visible planets  | aly pierce | game over books

THE VISIBLE PLANETS is a celebration and a eulogy of galactic proportions. Simultaneously an exploration of universal joy and the mourning of a lost sister, Aly Pierce's THE VISIBLE PLANETS is a reminder of all the beauty in this fleeting life. Utilizing the cosmos and its celestial bodies, Pierce exposes the juxtaposing starlight and black holes inherent in every human. Along the way the reader meets a colorful cast of characters (including Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Phobos) who all have their own flaws, insecurities, and desires just like anybody in this universe. THE VISIBLE PLANETS request the reader to love as deeply as they can while they have the time and space because eventually every star must fade no matter how bright it is.

"Here, the vocabulary of particle physics, of math, of medicine, of humility, of grief, of orbit, is a limitless love language we all have in common."—Emily O'Neill

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