Lewis Warsh, in memoriam, 1944-2020

SPD is deeply saddened by the passing of Lewis Warsh, an extraordinary poet, artist, and publisher, whose generosity was known to writers of all generations. 

As a teacher and correspondent, Warsh was kind and prolific. He will be missed by many. Our hearts go out to all those who experienced the joy of talking with him and especially all who loved him. 

From Portraits & Home Movies: 1968–1969 (by Larry Fagin)

The Maharajah's Son
(United Artists Books, 1977)
By Lewis Warsh

Information from the Surface of Venus
(United Artists Books, 1988)
By Lewis Warsh

Touch of the Whip
(Singing Horse Press, 2001)
By Lewis Warsh

The Origin of the World
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2005)
By Lewis Warsh

Brooklyn Paramount #1
(Brooklyn Paramount, 2001)
By Lewis Warsh, Editor

Brooklyn Paramount #2
(Brooklyn Paramount, 2001)
By Lewis Warsh, Editor

Mimeo Mimeo 7: The Lewis Warsh Issue
(Mimeo Mimeo/Cuneiform, 2012)
By Jed Birmingham and Kyle Schlesinger, Editors

Alien Abduction
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015)
By Lewis Warsh

Out of the Question: Selected Poems (1963-2003)
(Station Hill Press, 2017)
By Lewis Warsh

Piece of Cake
(Station Hill Press, 2020)
By Bernadette Mayer and Lewis Warsh

Find out more about Lewis Warsh's life and work here

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