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In 2020, Fence removed the literary journal from Big Corporate Distribution channels due to unsustainable costs, in hopes of maintaining meaningful access through a partnership with Small Press Distribution, independent bookstores, and readers who want to support nonconforming, nondominant, free-thinking literature unconcerned with fitting into that boring, homogenous popular crowd. 

In continuous publication since 1998, Fence is a biannual print journal of poetry, fiction, art, and criticism that redefines the terms of accessibility by publishing challenging writing distinguished by idiosyncrasy and intelligence rather than by allegiance with camps, schools, or cliques.

Currently, the publishers of Fence are in a catch-22-reality without institutional support, so in order stay true to their mission, they need to find more readers willing to put some lunch money towards literary arts. 

As such, we hope that you readers of weird words, will continue helping Fence to publish and live by buying an issue here. Your purchase will also help support the of 37th issue of Fence, set to be released in January 2021. 


"Editor's Note" in Fence Vol. 1, 1998 

Fence is committed to publishing from the outside and the inside of established communities of writing, seeking always to interrogate, collaborate with, and bedevil all the systems that bring new writing to light.

As a non-profit, Fence is mandated to make decisions outside of the requirements of market force or capital concern, and only in keeping with its mission:

to maintain a dedicated venue for writing and art that bears the clear variant mark of the individual’s response to their context; and to make that venue accessible to as many, and as widely, as possible so that this work can reach others, that they may be fully aware of how much is possible in writing and art; such that Fence publishes almost entirely from its unsolicited submissions; and is committed to publishing the literature and art of queer writers and writers of color.

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