MAY 2021

  1. On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing 50th Anniversary Edition Edited by Benjamin Estes and Joel Weishaus (The Song Cave)
  2. Minerva the Miscarriage of the Brain by Johanna Hedva (Wolfman Books / Sming Sming Books)
  3. Proof Something Happened by Tony Trigilio (Marsh Hawk Press)
  4. All Morning the Crows by Meg Kearney (The Word Works)
  5. Mask for Mask by JD Scott (New Rivers Press)
  6. Home is Where You Queer Your Heart Edited by A. White, M. Jeffra, and M. Mero-Williams (Foglifter Press)
  7. A Thousand Curves by Paul Nemser (Red Mountain Press)
  8. Risking It by Sylvia Pollack (Red Mountain Press)
  9. Waveland by Osel Jessica Plante (Black Lawrence Press)
  10. Festivals of Patience: The Verse Poems of Arthur Rimbaud by Arthur Rimbaud, translated by Brian Kim Stefans (Kenning Editions)
  11. Ways to Beg by T.J. Sandella (Black Lawrence Press)
  12. Rough Song by Bianca Varela, translated by Carlos Lara (The Song Cave)
  13. sick by Jody Chan (Black Lawrence Press)
  14. Embarrassments by Graham Foust (Flood Editions)
  15. : once teeth bones coral : by Kimberly Alidio (Belladonna*)
  16. Knees of a Natural Man: The Selected Poetry of Henry Dumas by Henry Dumas, edited by Eugene B. Redmond (Flood Editions)
  17. Dust Bowl Venus: Poems by Stella Beratlis (Sixteen Rivers Press)
  18. Wild Peach by S*an D. Henry-Smith (Futurepoem Books)
  19. The Wild Severance by V.P. Loggins (Bright Hill Press)
  20. Deeply Notched Leaves by Jeanne Powell (Taurean Horn Press)


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