MAY 2021

  1. A Natural History of Transition by Callum Angus (Metonymy Press)
  2. The Cheap-Eaters by Thomas Bernhard, translated by Douglas Robertson (Spurl Editions)
  3. Hashtag Good Guy With a Gun by Jeff Chon (Sagging Meniscus Press)
  4. One Kind Favor: A Novel by Kevin McIlvoy (WTAW Press)
  5. Status Update by George Toles and Cliff Eyland (At Bay Press)
  6. Worsted by Garielle Lutz (Short Flight/Long Drive Books)
  7. DoveLion: A Fairy Tale for Our Times by Eileen R. Tabios (AC Books)
  8. The Groundhog Forever by Henry Hoke (WTAW Press)
  9. The Diminishment of Charlie Cain by Corey Mesler (Livingston Press)
  10. A Cage for Every Child by S.D. Chrostowska (Sublunary Editions)
  11. The Violence Almanac by Miah Jeffra (Black Lawrence Press)
  12. So Many Windings by Catherine Macdonald (At Bay Press)
  13. Italian Love Cake by Gail Reitano (Bordighera Press)
  14. Sutzkever Essential Prose by Avrom Sutzkever, translated by Zackary Sholem Berger (White Goat Press/Yiddish Book Center)
  15. Exposition by Nathalie Léger (Dorothy, a publishing project)
  16. Each of Us Killers by Jenny Bhatt (7.13 Books)
  17. The Book of Lost Light by Ron Nyren (Black Lawrence Press)
  18. Nudes by Elle Nash (Short Flight/Long Drive Books)
  19. CORRECTION by Gabriel Blackwell (Rescue Press)
  20. Minor Characters: Stories by Jaime Clarke (Roundabout Press)


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