JUNE 2021 

  1. On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing 50th Anniversary Edition Edited by Benjamin Estes and Joel Weishaus (The Song Cave)
  2. All Morning the Crows by Meg Kearney (The Word Works)
  3. Listen My Friend, This Is The Dream I Dreamed Last Night by Cody-Rose Clevidence (The Song Cave)
  4. wifthing by Pattie McCarthy (Apogee Press)
  5. Returning the Sword to the Stone by Mark Leidner (Fonograf Editions)
  6. Ways to Beg by T.J. Sandella (Black Lawrence Press)
  7. An Orange by Ted Dodson (Pioneer Works / Wonder)
  8. One Illuminated Letter of Being by Donald Platt (Red Mountain Press)
  9. Demystifications by Miranda Mellis (Solid Objects)
  10. Last Night I Aged a Hundred Years by Peter Grandbois (Ashland Poetry Press)
  11. City of Skypapers by Marcela Malek Sulak (Black Lawrence Press)
  12. Boneyarn by David Mills (Ashland Poetry Press)
  13. Embarrassments by Graham Foust (Flood Editions)
  14. Hearing by Lyn Hejinian and Leslie Scalapino (Litmus Press)
  15. Midwest Gothic by Laura Donnelly (Ashland Poetry Press)
  16. Dust Bowl Venus: Poems by Stella Beratlis (Sixteen Rivers Press)
  17. Wood Circle by John Wilkinson (The Last Books)
  18. The Animal at Your Side by Megan Alpert (Airlie Press)
  19. A Shaman's Lament by Qu Yuan, translated by Red Pine (Empty Bowl)
  20. Waveland by Ösel Jessica Plante (Black Lawrence Press)


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